Kim Jong-Un Has Just Been Hospitalised

Our old pal Kim isn’t doing too great.

Kim Jong-Un is, by all accounts, not a very nice man but at the same time we kinda like having him around because he’s just so easy to make fun of (case in point — Seth Rogan and James Franco are going to spend an hour and a half doing just that).

The last few days a few news sites were reporting that Kim had gone missing, but we didn’t pay much mind because the last time someone went missing it turned out to be a false alarm. Well now it turns out that the North Korean tyrant has put on so much weight that he fractured both his ankles and had to be taken to hospital for surgery.

Reports state that 31 year old Kim shot up to 20 stone as the result of his Swiss Cheese addiction (no joke) — putting huge pressure on his feet and legs. He got addicted to the stuff after visiting Switzerland.

In North Korea being fat is considered a positive as it means you eat well — as opposed to the roughly 25 million population living in poverty. So yeah, serves you right fatty.

A little exercise might help — how about kite surfing with a naked girl on your back like Richard Branson? There’s a guy who eats well but also stays healthy.


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