This Adult Baby Is Addicted To Wearing Nappies And Stealing Them From His Job


Adult babies were a pretty big thing a few years ago when Channel 4 ran a documentary about them, but the hype surrounding them since then has died down considerably, so imagine our surprise when some guy emailed us out of nowhere explaining that he was addicted to wearing nappies and wanted us to run an interview with him.

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We were more than happy to oblige, so here’s what David Richards (name changed) had to say about being an adult baby and being addicted to nappies – so addicted to the point that he was fired from his job at a pre school for stealing all the nappies that were in storage there. Here’s what he had to say:

When did you first realise you were addicted to wearing nappies?

I’d say around when I was 13 I started to develop a want for diapers.

Why do you think you’re addicted to wearing nappies?

I didn’t have a childhood due to growing up in a foster home. So I feel like I want to experience what I never got.

Do you ever pretend to be a baby or is it purely the pleasure of wearing the nappy?

Yep! I like to crawl around on the floor, drink from a bottle, use my diapers, etc.

Would you classify yourself as an adult baby?

Yes I would! I am an adult baby.

Have you ever been involved in any embarrassing situations because you wear nappies?

Of course, it’s kind of hard to hide one of these lol. Basically I was dressed up and my roommate walked in. I was super embarrassed and explaining it was a pain lol

Is it hard to find nappies that fit you as you’re an adult?

Not at all there are serval diapers made for adults that fit the baby theme.

What’s your favourite brand of nappies?

I love lavender from abu.

Can other people tell that you’re wearing a nappy?

Absolutely, its huge Haha. It’s impossible to have the fact your wearing a diaper

What happened when you got caught stealing nappies at your job?

I was instantly terminated and had $732 deducted from my last check.

Do you have another job now? Do they know about your nappy addiction?

I’m still looking for a new job but if I found one I’d probably keep the diaper stuff secret.

Can other people tell that you’re wearing a nappy?

Absolutely, its huge Haha. It’s impossible to have the fact your wearing a diaper

Why do you want people to know that you wear nappies?

I want to help my lifestyle become apart of the norm. I know 1000 adult babies on Twitter and there are millions of us who hate hiding.

Why were you so desperate to do this interview?

I just wanna be in the spotlight Haha

Are you planning on continuing to wear nappies?

Yes I do! I don’t ever plan to stop

What do your friends/lovers think about you wearing nappies?

My friends and lover are diaper based. We are all into it.

Do you wear a nappy when you have sex (at the beginning when you have your clothes on)?

Yep! I start off dressed and my gf acts like my mom before we get into it.

Would you say it’s a problem that you’re addicted to wearing nappies or do you love it?

I love wearing diapers. It has its ups and downs but I still prefer it.

What are your plans for the future?

Try and find another job, get my addiction a little bit under control

Well that was certainly enlightening wasn’t it? I suppose we shouldn’t think that David and others like him are complete weirdoes because it seems like there are enough adult babies out there crawling around and wearing nappies and that’s the kind of world that David is trying to create by coming forward and talking about it, but I still can’t help but feel a little freaked out about it all. Whatever people are into though I guess.

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