In The Countdown To The U.S. Election Check Out These Absolutely Horrific Trump Tattoos


Donald Trump fans have terrible taste.

It’s only one day until the U.S. election and as the world awaits in utter disbelief as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go head-to-head, Americans are still divided over who will make a better leader.

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To most sane members of society, Donald Trump’s run for presidency is an actual joke, but for these die-hard fans he represents the man who has given a voice to the racists. And to offer a token of their appreciation, they’ve decided to get his ugly mug inked onto their skin for the rest of their lives. Here are some of the worst ones we could find:


trump-tattoo trump-tattoo trump-tattoo trump-tattoo

I don’t know what the one on the scooter is about, but it does not look good. Not only is the subject matter itself fucking abysmal, but the execution is shoddy too. I guess the only tattoo artists willing to draw Trump must be backwards cunts themselves.

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