Huntsman Spiders Have Officially Made Their Way To The UK

God help us all.

Huntsman spiders are truly one of the scariest species of all – even looking at a picture of one makes me feel weird.

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The only positive thing about them is that they’re normally only found in places like Australia and Africa, but this last bit of hope has been smashed to smithereens after a fuck off huntsman was found at a family home in Sevenoaks, Kent. Sweet Jesus.


The frightened house owner had to call the RSPCA after spotting the beast. Here’s what animal collection officer Louis Horton had to say about it:

I honestly expected to get there and find a big house spider or a toy spider or something silly but it was a huntsman.

It wasn’t a giant huntsman but was big enough, it was about the size of the palm of my hand so it wasn’t the usual spider you’d expect to find in your house!

Huntsman 1

It was clinging to the outside wall of the man’s house and he said it had barely moved since he first spotted it.

I removed it, confined it in a box and took it to experts at Heathrow’s animal reception centre to be quarantined.

Huntsman spiders can give a nasty bite so they were lucky they didn’t get hurt.

There’s no information on what the fuck a huntsman was doing chilling out in Kent – maybe it fancied a break. Either way, I hope that this doesn’t mean the start of a huntsman infestation in the UK. Otherwise we’ll have this to deal with on a daily basis.


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