How To Set Up A Grow Tent Heater – A Beginner’s Guide

There is nothing more challenging than keeping your leafy friends warm during the cold season. While skating in the snow may be fun, winter in full swing is not necessarily pleasant for your grow tent plants. As a majority of plants cannot cope with adverse conditions, too much cold could mean the end for your grow room.

To ensure that your plants remain cosy, you will most likely need a grow tent heater. The use of such a device is the perfect way to keep your grow tent warm and motivate your plants to grow all season long. Want to set up your grow tent heater in the best way? This article will tell you how!



Even if your grow tent is well-lit, the light that is produced is not enough to guarantee optimal temperature. As such, you should use secondary heating sources to maintain humidity. An example of a great grow tent heater is the tube heater.

While it was originally designed for greenhouses, this type of heater will thrive in your grow tent. Even better is the fact that tube heaters are affordable and evenly spread the heat around your tent.

Apart from tube heaters, oil-filled radiators and fan heaters are also great options. However, fan heaters should be used outside your grow tent to warm up the surrounding. They can impede growth when directed towards the plants.


  • Select a grow tent heater that best compliments your tent in terms of size and heat distribution. If you have a large tent, it is advisable to select a heater that is capable of distributing heat in large spaces. On the other hand, if you have a very small tent then you may need a minimal heater.
  • After acquiring your heater of choice, consult the heating guide to ensure that you understand all the heating requirements for your tent. Never assume that grow tent heaters are ‘plug and play’. Instead, take time to familiarize yourself with the manual operation can be effective.
  • Depending on your type of heater, determine whether it should operate inside or outside the tent. If the heater is to be placed outside, it should still distribute heat adequately. Heaters that are outside are commonly tucked under tent side-walls.
  • Choose a heat rise figure in accordance with your desired temperature. For instance, if you desire a 70-degree temperature inside your grow room, your heat rise figure will be 40-degrees, which is the difference between your desired temperature and a possible low of 30 degrees.
  • Once your setup is complete, plug the grow tent heater and enjoy!

These set-up instructions will come in handy whether you live in a cold climate, have a grow tent with no furnace or simply need more warmth inside your tent. With an abundance of existing heater options, you should do your research and go for the best possible pick for your tent. Remember, for your grow tent to thrive, it needs all pieces of the puzzle. Your heater is Just as important as the carbon filter and inline fan.



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