How To Get The Best Deals This Shopping Season

Season sales are a shoppers’ dream. Unlike flash sales, season sales happen relatively at the same time every year as retailers give discounts on products associated with a season that is about to finish so they can create room for their new season’s merchandise. So, to take advantage of seasonal sales, preplanning is a must.


Smarter than other shoppers

Seasonal sales serve a general schedule that reflects not just the seasons but big holidays and additional factors that influence shopper’s behavior. To remember the timing of the seasonal sales, remember the one economics rule: when the demands are high, prices are also high and vice versa. Most customers do not plan, so they buy for their wants and needs as they come. Once this syncs with the rest of the consumers, the demand skyrockets. As such, for any seasonal needs, most people shop at exactly the wrong time.

But any bargain shopper would know better. These are those shoppers who would buy gas grills, lawnmowers, or any other summer equipment strictly during the wintertime and purchase humidifiers, snow shovels, or anything winter-related during the warm months. Although this might look crazy, these shoppers know something others don’t.

Your top bargain strategies

The way we shop is different from what it used to be 10-15 years ago. With online shopping, you can find many great offers at a fraction of your regular shopping time, only if you implement some well tested online shopping strategies:

  • Before spending even a dime, set your budget, and stick to it. Create a for everything you plan to purchase, for whom you plan to buy some presents, and how much would you allow yourself to spend on those items. When you have a budget limit, you know that spending extra is unacceptable;
  • Try reviewing sites that concentrate on end-lots or overstocked merchandise;
  • Check the top price of the product you wish to purchase by using a shopping search engine. They record prices from different vendors for the same item you search for;
  • To avoid spending extra money when checking online stores, take advantage of any online coupons that retailer might have. You never know when you might find a voucher for free shipping or a significant order discount. There are a few ways how you can find coupons. You could start by simply searching the store name, + sign, and “coupon code” or “promotional code”. You could also check coupon websites, or maybe the best option – to sign up for their email newsletters. Pay attention to the retailers’ email newsletters a few weeks before the sale season. This will be your easiest way of staying on top of their promotions. This will be even more accurate and efficient than Googling, as all information comes directly from the retailer;
  • Use rebate sites, as their jobs are to bargain deals with big online retailers, offering up to 5% cashback on online purchases.

Shopping warnings

Although bargain customers know the path to a good deal, they can also easily become a victim to the shopping pitfalls. These tips should help your pocket:

  • When hunting for sales, remember not every marked-down item is actually on a “real” sale, according to information provided by The Pearl Source, one of the highest rated online jewelry stores in the U.S. Research what is the regular price tag for the items you plan to buy and don’t blindly trust the information on the price tags. You can find this information quickly by comparing a few online sites, and then you can visit the local store to purchase the merchandise (or order it online from the cheapest website);
  • Buying something that you don’t need will never be a bargain, despite the discounted price;
  • If you use your credit card, and you forget to pay it immediately that month, you are losing that bargain price. The longer that balance is with you, the bigger the interest you have to pay at the end. So, don’t be fooled by the good price if you must use your credit for purchasing that merchandise.
  • You could save money by purchasing big-ticket merchandise during months when retailers traditionally lower the price for a particular item (not only during shopping seasons). And although this rule is mostly applicable to brick and mortar stores, for sure you will find similar seasonal sales online as well

In conclusion

If you plan to enjoy this year’s deals and sales season, be sure to follow some of these already checked rules and strategies. But more importantly, stay sane no matter the prices that are in front of you. Happy shopping!


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