How To Choose A Unique And Timeless Men’s Wedding Band

Days of viewing stylish men as being lady-like are long gone. Most men are embracing their personalities. They do not mind showing off their styles in different accessories. Having a unique wedding band is a statement enough, and if you wish to stand out, some jewelers have taken it upon themselves to provide you with only the best.

Here are some factors you can consider when looking for the perfect wedding ring that will be a constant reminder of your big day, and it need not be drab.



Most rings are metal-made mostly from gold, platinum, silver, tungsten, among others. The materials used do differ in quality, price, durability, scratch resistance, and popularity. For most rings, platinum is the metal of choice for men’s bands as it is durable, scratch-resistant, though a bit pricey than gold.

Would you consider a wooden ring as your wedding band? You can find mens wood wedding bands online and sample a few examples. The rings are not purely wood as they have a metal base from tungsten, ceramic, and titanium. You not only get uniqueness in a band but also choose the metal you want.

The wood rings are hard, durable, scratch-resistant, and have a never-fade finish. The price range is suitable for anyone, and even if you want to be economical, you cannot miss one.


Your personality comes into play when choosing a wedding ring. If you like to keep to yourself, you most likely will not want a ring that draws attention to yourself. A ring with a matte or sandblasted finish is perfect for you. These two finishes are not reflective or shiny, which helps you not draw attention.

If, on the other hand, you do not mind a few glances once light reflects on your ring, you too have an option. A wedding band with a high polish finish is suitable for you as it is shiny and reflective. A satin finish on a ring makes it shiny but not reflective.


Unlike women whose rings almost come in similar sizes, for men, they tend to defer. Men’s jobs, height, and weight determine the size of their hands. Men who use their hands to do hands-on work tend to have larger hands than men who do not.

It is for these reasons that the men’s wedding bands differ in width. If you have larger hands, thicker and heavier rings will suit you perfectly. If they are smaller and lighter, then light and lower bands will do.

Thicker rings use more metal and are, therefore, expensive. Narrower ones use less material and are cheaper. If you are on a budget, you can go for the narrow ones, but do not forget your taste and preferences.

You can have a jeweler take your finger measurement to tell you the right fit for your finger. You do not want to buy a ring, and when you are doing your work, it slips. A tight one will be uncomfortable and restrict blood flow to your ring finger.



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