How To Make Your Home An Entertainment Center

If there are guests coming over often to you and you may accommodate them or just want to have more fun on your own you can do adjustments to your house to make it more entertaining. Why limit your house only for sleeping and eating when you can do so much more in your house. With plenty of planning and willpower you can make your home one of the coolest entertaining centers in your neighborhood. Some of these ideas just involve changing the furniture around and others might need some serious planning and research. Below, you’ll find multiple tips for how to make your home for entertaining.

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Home cinema

One of the things you can do with your home is to create a cinema room within. First, consider how many people will use the space at a time, is it just for you and your partner or you wish to watch the weekend matches there with your buddies. This is important if you don’t know which room will be dedicated to this purpose and you need to know the number of seating. But if you just have a spare room where you wish to do something cool, you just have to pay attention to buy the right sized furniture.

Another important thing is to decide if it’s going to be a ’truly ‘dedicated home cinema or a multi-purpose room capable of transforming from a beautiful living environment into a private cinema,’ words from Mike Beatty at Pulse (consultants for luxury homes). He also said ‘The two are very different and, although both can provide a truly immersive experience.’ So the first thing should be the planning, you need to have a vision before moving even a single chair.

You should also think about the electronics which involve the screen size, viewing angles, the projection method, seat comfort, tables for snacks, and maybe the most important, acoustics. If you get a good sound system it can last you a long time and can be used for multiple purposes, not only cool movie night. For example if your friends are coming over for a dinner night you can also play some smooth jazz on them. So make sure everything is well planned. You can even use some 3D modeling apps to see how certain furniture would look like in the room. And last but not least make sure you have some good blinding curtains.

Gamer/VR room

First, if you want a nice room for your PC you will need a good table with an ergonomic chair. This is a must. Second of all, consider the fact of getting even 2 monitors, if you follow gamers on YouTube you may see that some of them have 2 or even 3 monitors placed next to each other so when they are playing they can get a wider field view which makes everything more realistic.

If you go with the console idea you can do that even in your bedroom. The key is to have a comfortable place where you can sit for a long time from a proper distance from the screen. This can be a bed, a bean bag, or an egg chair. Pay attention to the specs of the TV, make sure it has good lighting and good sound quality. The HDMI cables should be good quality so they will last longer and give you a quality transmission.

If you’re thinking about something crazier and you wish to create a VR room there is more to pay attention to. Virtual reality goggles isolate you completely from the surroundings. So you’ll need a lot of distance (at least 7-8 meters) between you and solid items. So can peacefully play fruit ninja, FPS games, or online casino games.

Find the room where the fewest materials are made from glass or any other fragile material. Some of the games can be played on your chair but for some of them you will need to stand on your feet. IF you have the possibility, choose the chair option and get a swivel chair so you can spin about and actively engage in the digital universe.

Gaming room-pool table, poker table

These are the rooms that our dad’s and older brothers wanted before PCs were that big thing, a.k.a. a man cave. For this you should get a big space, as isolated as possible so if you have an empty basement that should do it. If you don’t have one, make one. Some of the most essential things you should get are comfortable furniture, a big TV, a small refrigerator and a cool gaming table.

For the furniture you can have multiple options based on the purpose of the space. If you want it only to watch movies and matches you should get a big sofa. If you want it for card games you should get some bar chairs, the one you can see in casinos so you have a better experience. If you and your buddies play casino games often you should definitely get a poker table and a poker set. And maybe you can even try out other card games as well like solitaire, blackjack, go fish, and the list goes on. Nothing is more relaxing than playing some card games with your buddies. Also, if you have some spare time you can play these games online to get more experience.

If there is a game where you have to keep the score make sure to get something for this. A chalkboard might be a good option, you can write motivational quotes on them, tasks, or occasionally the score for the game.

The other thing you should do is soundproof your space. Noise levels can increase in game rooms. Make sure that the doors and windows are well isolated and the sound created by you won’t affect the others.


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