How Classic Casino Games Have Withstood the Test of Time

Classic casino games have, for the most part, changed very little since they were first introduced in Canada. Having been around for hundreds of years is a testament to their longevity. Although the casino industry has been through its fair share of ups and downs, they have slowly gained momentum and become the massive industry we enjoy today.

We asked our Canadian expert Michelle Thomas (check profile) how classic casino games have withstood the test of time. 

The Birth of an Industry

There is no real consensus as to when exactly the art of gambling began, however, historians and experts agree on one thing, it’s at least a couple of centuries old. China claims to be the first to do it, but then again, how can anyone be sure.

From its humble, albeit illegal beginnings, the industry has come a long way. No longer relegated to the dark backstreets and brothels full of unsavoury categories, now entire cities have been put on the global stage thanks to their love and support of gambling.

How Technology Has Changed the Scene

There are basically three classic casino games that we can trace back to ancient times, although they have changed slightly, they have remained almost the same. Slots, previously known as fruit machines or the one-armed bandit, for obvious reasons.

Initially, players from Canada would find these games in saloons and the only prizes you could win were a couple of drinks or a bar tab on a rudimentary machine. These days though, there are numerous versions that offer mind-blowing graphics and payouts to match.

Roulette is yet another classic that has stood the test of time, there are now three different versions players are able to choose from. However, they are all basically the same

Blackjack, the quintessential casino game that requires both luck and strategy, is still one of the popular card games in this day in age.

Live Casino Games

This is where you see the true impact technology has had on the industry. No longer are patrons required to make the often lengthy journey to their nearest land-based casino to enjoy the thrills and spills that come hand in hand with casinos.

Nowadays, all you need to do is hop on the internet, join a reputable casino that offers live casino games and you’re in for a whole lot of excitement. Playing live games is the closest you’ll come to the real thing. Players from around the globe can sit at the same virtual table, chat to a real dealer in real time, and enjoy the same games they have at their favourite brick-and-mortar establishments. There are loads of real money casinos available these days where you’ll be able to play classic casino games. Real money casino listings are showing a massive increase lately, this is definitely due to the easing of laws regarding the online casino industry throughout the country.


Arguably the most popular casino game to ever have existed, slot machines are still holding on to the top spot. Incidentally, they are also the casino game that has gone through the most changes since their inception.

The first mechanical slots featured 3 reels which were populated by fruit symbols, hence the name, fruit machines. These electromechanical slots had the ability to payout up to 500 coins for the jackpot.

Now we have come a long way and there are a number of different slot games on offer at online casinos. 

Video Slots

Video slots are dominating the online casino industry in Canada. Thanks to the increase in technological advancements, these slots take players on immersive journeys through a graphical masterpiece. These types of slots will feature world class gameplay that sports multiple bonus games, wild features, scatters and free spins. It’s not hard to see why they are a fan favourite.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

This type of slot games is the newest addition to the family. Similar to jackpot slots, they differ in one key way. A number of separate slot games will be connected to a single jackpot. Every time a player places a wager and spins the reels without registering a win, a certain amount will be added to the total jackpot amount. 

These jackpots can often be in the millions, certainly the factor that makes this type of slot so enticing for players.


One of the oldest and most loved card games to ever grace the casino floor, blackjack has captured the imagination of the entire world. Having featured countless Hollywood blockbusters has only added to the games iconic status.

Blackjack is a simple game, players will be able to pick it up in no time at all, however, in order to master the game, you’ll need to get a fair number of hours under your belt. Although it’s a simple game to grasp initially, there are a plethora of bets one can place which adds to the nuance of the game as a whole.


Roulette is yet another iconic game that is played the world over. Roulette is a game based purely on luck. The premise is simple; the dealer will spin the wheel and throw a little ball into it. Your job is to decide where the ball will land. As you can see, the sheer simplicity of the game makes it a fan favourite due to the excitement and thrill of striking it lucky.

Created by the French mathematician, Blaise Pascal, there are now three different versions of the game. American, European and French roulette. The only difference being the number of zeros you’ll find on the wheel.


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