Here’s The Incredible Guinness World Record Holder For Tallest Building Demolished With Explosives


There’s nothing really comparable to seeing a massive building destroyed with explosives, so I’m pleased to let you know that the Guinness Book of Records actually has a world record for the tallest building destroyed by explosives and it’s just been broken.

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Of course, they decided to film the event and post it to their social media channels. The building in question is the 144-floor-high Meena Plaza (541.44-foot-tall) in Abu Dhabi and it required 18,000 drill holes to lay the explosive correctly to make sure that it was demolished safely and securely.

Take a look at the explosion below:

Kinda thought it would be more impressive to be honest? But I guess my brain has been warped after that humongous explosion in Beirut earlier this year. Really gonna have to come up with something special to beat that one.

I always wonder why it was so necessary for these guys to destroy that building though? Surely they could have done something with the structure and let people live in it or something? Seems kinda ridiculous to spend a humongous amount of money destroying it so they can just build bigger towers over the top of it, but I guess that’s capitalism in the Middle East. YOLO.

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