A Guide To Picking The Right Slot Game For You

Check the criteria.

Some people think there’s nothing to say about slots. You just press ‘PLAY’, the symbols settle in a line and see if you’ve won.

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And that’s it, they reckon.

They clearly haven’t been watching the incredible growth of online slots.

The classic old-school one-armed bandit machine that filled rows and rows of the casino gaming rooms in places like Las Vegas has now evolved a long, long way.

In fact, the game of slots has never been as exciting, varied and popular as it is now – and it’s all thanks to the internet.

There are now thousands of different slot games out there on hundreds of different online casino sites. There are so many varieties of slots you might wonder how to choose between them all.

First, find the right site

It’s always best to start with an established, reliable online casino. Generally today’s internet gaming industry is very well regulated with very few cowboys.

So go to one of the leading operators, like Jackpotjoy – where you can play the latest slot sensation: 9 Pots of Gold.

Whichever site you start with, spend a little time learning how it works. What is the registration system – and how do financial transactions happen?

Don’t worry, it’s all made very easy and smooth for you. And once you’re in that’s it – you won’t have to register more than once.

However, take you time and notice how the pages load and how they look. It’s always best to get comfortable on a site before starting to stake any of your precious budget.

What Are Online Slot Games?

Realise that what you are heading for is a game that is essentially the same as the physical slot machine, minus the flashing lights and electronic beeping sounds.

It’s the same game – just transferred onto the internet.

What is different is the way web-designers can now create all sorts of graphics and add-ons for any slot game. You’ll find game displays that physical machines could never have matched.

The internet is flexible enough to allow slot games to include sophisticated graphics, pop-up videos and engaging soundtracks.

A slot game will seem more exciting than ever before.

And note that your online game can involve extra features clicking in mid-play, like boosted jackpots or free spins. These are twists to the gameplay that a physical machine would definitely struggle to provide.

That amazing flexibility of the web means that games can be created in all sorts of ways and varieties. That’s why you’ll now find thousands of different versions of slots.

Don’t just jump into the first one you find. Browse around – there are a lot to choose from before you start spending your money.

Looks For Special Deals

The experienced online gamers will know it’s worth looking around all the various offers being posted by competing slot operators.

They are all vying for your valuable business – and are prepared to go to some lengths to win your custom.

So look out for discount deals, free games and bonuses. Some may be quite complex, so make sure you check the small print before you sign up.

Which Slot Game?

There are so many varieties out there these days that you could waste all your leisure time browsing the different slot themes. In the end you’ll just have to plump for one – after all, you won’t really know till you’ve had a couple of spins.

It could be a game based on a rock band you like or one of your favourite movies. There are games about TV shows, sports stars, superheroes and fantasy worlds.

If you really can’t decide between games, there are plenty of reviews online to help you pick between them.

Whatever you choose, remember you don’t have to stay on that first game forever. It’s just a place to start and see how it all works.

What Will The Game Be Like?

Remember the old slot machine. It’s the same game.

This one is just on the internet that’s all.

So you’ll find a row of symbols. They may not be segments of fruit – more likely they will be something to do with the theme of the game.

Look up what the winning lines are – there can be hundreds on an online game.

Then at least you’ll have some idea of what you’re aiming for. It all adds to the thrill.

It’s worth checking for any extra features. An online slot game can be easily designed to have many different little off-shoots to make it more varied and interesting.

So make sure you know all your options. You may have to make an immediate decision at some point in the game – that’s not the time to be fumbling around looking things up.

Try not to be distracted by all the fancy displays that are possible on the internet – instead try to sit back and enjoy the fun.

There may be pop-up videos or a sudden soundtrack of your favourite song. You may even see a little animation of you winning.

Whatever, don’t stress, it’s all there for your entertainment.

Remember that slots are still slots. The reason they’re taking the internet by storm is the same reason that they filled all those huge casino rooms in Vegas.

Slots are simply great fun to play. You might win, you might lose – but every game of slots always provides a tiny little thrill.


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