Bill O’Reilly and Bernard Goldberg embarrass themselves on national television.

It’s always odd when you find yourself discussing Bill O’Reilly in relation to two of the biggest names within Hip Hop culture.  Well believe it or not, despite O’Reilly’s political agenda — it would seem he knows his rappers. I wouldn’t go as far as suggesting Bill’s a hardcore Hip Hop head, yet during Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, the presenter managed to gain a whole heap of street cred — when correcting Bernard Goldberg’s gaff of confusing the similar sounding names of Ice T and Ice Cube.

What started off as two men debating a New York Times article on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, soon turned into fisticuffs between two middle aged white guys, attempting to disassociate their “whiteness.” The article in question accused Mitt Romney of being one of the “whitest” presidential candidates ever. No wonder Romney’s campaign is at risk, he has just been dubbed “whiter” than John McCain and George W. Bush — probably not the best promotion you could ask for. In the midst of this, O’Reilly seizes the chance to diss Bernard with a very weak dig about Goldberg being “whiter” than the aforementioned.

Ok, now here’s where it gets ridiculous. In anticipation of O’Reilly’s quip, Bernard whips out a photo of himself and Ice Cube striking a gangster pose — just to demonstrate how cultured he is. I’m not even going to comment on Bernard throwing up gang signs as if he were a Crip from back in the day, but we can only pray (for his kids sake), that this picture isn’t genuine. However, judging by Ice Cube’s regrettable Jerry curl look — circa NWA era, I’m afraid to say it may actually be real.

You can call it an awkward and ultimately failed attempt at claiming the “the race card”, but it certainly becomes more cringe worthy for Bernard when he proceeds to call Ice Cube, Ice T. Come on! It would help if you at least knew who the guy is. Nevertheless, cue O’ Reilly who can’t refuse the opportunity to provide us with more comedy gold stating ­— “That’s Ice Cube, Bernie! That’s how white you are! … I’m a brother, man. You can’t be doing that to me! I know the Cubes from the Ts.”  Well Ice T most definitely doesn’t consider O’Reilly to be a “brother” answering back with a courteous “FUCK O’Reilly” on twitter. Well, I think it’s safe to say that Bill won’t be getting a similar photo opportunity with Ice Cube (cough), I mean Ice T any time soon.

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