A Man’s Front Door Was Bricked Up Whilst He Was Asleep

Brick Wall

‘It reminded me of the building of the Berlin Wall’

You go to sleep most nights hoping that everything is going to be fine the day after. Normally but I doubt anyone has ever woken up to find themselves literally facing a brick wall when they open the front door of their house.

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That was the situation that one unfortunate gentlemen found himself in over in Mainhausen near Offenbach, Germany a couple of days ago. The unnamed man awoke to find that he was bricked into his house after perpetrators had erected a wall right there on his front door.

The damage is estimated to be €500 and police are searching for several suspects, with policeman Ingbert Zacharias telling a local newspaper:

It reminded me of the building of the Berlin Wall.

That went up pretty quickly, too.

It’s a crime and no joke. We don’t know if it was a trickster or a personal attack on the family.


Kinda sounds to me like he’s joking about it? In fairness it is kind of funny though and a great prank to play on someone, aside from all the damage that it’s caused.

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Not really sure how the cops are hoping to catch those responsible, but I bet the German police force is a hell of a lot more efficient than the British one in sorting out problems like this. Will keep you updated if we hear anything.

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