Football Betting During The Season Of COVID-19

Here’s what you need to know.

The COVID-19 epidemic is complicated, with an increasing number of people infected and deaths, accompanied by a ban on gathering people to limit the spread of disease, from matches that are played without an audience, to postponing matches or canceling a tournament.

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Here we review the major football events affected:

  • Premier League: postponed until April 30.
  • La Liga: delay indefinitely, until the epidemic is over.
  • Bundesliga: postpone the match until April 2, then it will count again.
  • Serie A: indefinitely postponed until the epidemic is over.
  • Ligue 1: delay indefinitely, until the end of the epidemic.
  • Champions League and Europa League: Postpone all 1/8 matches during this time, it is not known when the game will be played again. The finals scheduled to take place in May 2020 will certainly not go as planned.
  • Euro 2020: rescheduling to 2021.
  • Copa America 2020: postponement of the schedule to 2021.
  • Olympic Tokyo 2020: no official announcement yet, but the same fate with Euro 2020 will likely be delayed this year due to pressure from the athletes. Perhaps rescheduling to 2021.
  • British FA Cup: postponed until March 2020.
  • Cup of Spain: Postpone final between Sociedad and Bilbao (expected 18/4/2020)
  • The Southeast Asian Football Championship 2020 (AFF Cup 2020) is still going as planned, from November 23 to December 31, 2020.

The Southeast Asian U15 Tournament, the Southeast Asia Futsal Tournament, the Southeast Asian Club Futsal Tournament, the Southeast Asian Beach Football Championship will also take place as planned.

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The suspension of football, basketball, tennis, and boxing tournaments due to the COVID-19 epidemic, not only caused damage to clubs but also related businesses. Among them is the betting business, which is considered legal in many countries. According to BBC, betting revenue in East Africa decreased by 99%.

In response, bookmakers have to come up with different solutions to survive. In Russia, some bookmakers offer players to bet on non-sporting events, such as when a vaccine is available. In difficult circumstances, some bookmakers choose to risk their bets by giving players to bet on rare matches still in play. This is the story that happens in Sweden, where practice matches between amateur teams are still allowed, but on the field, there is no audience.

Responding to the Associated Press news agency, Skabersjo Club president Mattias Andersson said before the match, many people from Hungary, Denmark, England, and Asian countries contacted the team to ask for information, such as about stone entrance.

After the game, Mr. Mattias thought that these people could belong to the betting community. Mattias also said that the whole team had to receive many life-threatening threats because of suspected half-life.

It is not known which bookmakers are behind it, but a Swedish newspaper insisted it could only be small-scale bookmakers struggling to survive the season. It could also be places of illegal betting business. Currently, the Swedish Football Federation (SvFF) has advised teams that are still playing during the season to ignore suspicious messages.

In addition, the practice match between amateur teams Eskilstuna FC and Nashulta GoIF was postponed at SvFF’s request after they received messages similar to the Skabersjo Club. There are some betting lines going around too.


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