Naked Woman Off Her Face On Drugs Runs Around Streets Of London This Morning (VIDEO)

Distressing footage.

Normally when I feature a video of someone getting naked and running around the streets of some town acting like a zombie maniac, it’s someone from over in Florida on a crystal meth binge, but this time it’s a woman on the streets of London from this morning.

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This footage is actually quite grim because the woman is clearly on some kind of weird drug that’s made her lose all sense of time and space and what’s going on as she’s actively walking through traffic whilst naked, jumping in front of buses and climbing on the front of cars with little sense of her own safety – although it does look like she’s having a whale of a time doing it all. It also seems like it’s around 8am in the morning on a grim summer’s day which makes it way worse because I suppose you might be able to excuse/sympathise with it slightly if it was Saturday night at the height of the summer and everyone was off their heads or something:

Jesus. You really gotta wonder what people are doing to themselves to get in a state like that haven’t you? I suppose the most reassuring thing about it all is that at least she’s wearing a mask around her neck hey. Don’t want her spreading whatever the hell she was on around.

Anyway, in all seriousness it looks like the police were on their way from the comments in the video so let’s hope that she got picked up and looked after and cleaned up. Hopefully she can recover from this video as well because that is not gonna be a good look for her when she wakes up and sees it.

For more of the same, here’s a guy getting blasted in the penis with a taser for walking around on bath salts. Think it was in Florida.


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