Five Lesser-Known Card Games To Keep You Entertained At Home

As winter creeps in, more people are looking for new ways to stay entertained indoors. However, if you feel you’ve read every book in the house, there isn’t much enticing you on Netflix, and you’ve maxed out all your favourite card games. This guide can help provide you with some lesser-known yet thrilling alternative card games to keep you entertained at home.



This card game is a variation of Blackjack. However, Blackjack has some different rules compared to Pontoon. You can find lots of information here, plus an opportunity to play Ladbrokes Pontoon, developed by Playtech for free, to get some hands-on experience in-game.

Any number of players can join in, and the aim is for each player to reach the value of 21 with their cards. The best hand a player can achieve is a Pontoon.

A Pontoon consists of two cards that reach the value of 21. These cards can only be an ace and ten or a picture card. Below the Pontoon falls a sequence of other best hands players can draw. The one behind Pontoon is a five-card trick, where five cards must total 21 or less.

To help you distinguish between Pontoon and Blackjack, here are a few differences;

  • Players may double down when playing Pontoon and ask for new cards. If you double down on Blackjack, you only receive one new card.
  • In Blackjack, the dealer faces up one of their cards; in Pontoon, the dealers’ cards are faced down.
  • Players’ total points in Pontoon must exceed 14. In Blackjack, players can stick with any number of points above or below 14.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

A fast-paced game requiring quick thinking, one-night ultimate werewolf requires players to identify as villagers, with a quest to keep the village alive.

But there’s a twist; there may be a werewolf or two among the players. Who, depending on their bluffing skills, may attempt to trick the other players into thinking that they are a villager too.

If the werewolves in the game survive the night without being detected, the werewolf wins! For the villagers to survive, they must discover and “kill” one of the werewolves to win.

Snip Snap Snorem

The aim of snip snap snorem is simple for all ages to play above four years old, making it a family-friendly card game.

The game’s jist is for all players to get rid of their cards as quickly as possible.

Each card is dealt clockwise to the players; the cards are faced down. Once the cards are dealt, it’s likely some players will have fewer cards. If you’re placing bets, players with fewer cards will usually add a chip to make up for their advantage.

To begin the game, a player on the left of the dealer places a card in the centre face up; they can place any card of their choosing. All players must put down at least one card, each face up for all to see. The first player may match their cards with any cards from the selection on the table. The next player will then need to play one of the following cards available from the selection.

Each player must add a card that corresponds with the card in the middle. For example, a 3 of spades could be matched with a 3 of hearts, clubs, or diamonds.


Creights is a straightforward card game that can be played with three or more players. It’s likened to the game Uno because each player is dealt a select number of cards (8 cards in Creight); however, their intention to win is to get rid of those cards.

To do this, there is a discard and draw pile. Each of the players must match the cards’ suit in the discard pile; however, there are some exceptions. If you don’t discard a card on your turn, you must draw a card from the draw pile, and then the next player continues the game.

Once a player is on their last card, the Creight game ends, and those with the fewest cards win.

As mentioned, there are exceptions in the game. Different cards activate different gameplays. For example, a card with the number 4 means the game will skip the next player; 5, means each player is given another card, and 6 entitles the player to play again.

Scotch bridge

Otherwise known as Oh hell! Oh well, Oh Pshaw, Blob and Blackout. This game entails each player predicting the number of tricks they’ll win from each hand. When players make a correct prediction and bid, they are awarded points. However, if they get the bid wrong, points are deducted.

To begin, the dealer must be concluded first. On drawing cards to each player, the player with the highest shall deal first. The person who deals the first card can put down any suit. Each player needs to attempt to follow suit; however, if this is not possible, they can opt for another card.

The player with the highest trump card or the suit’s highest card will win the trick. Players continue until all tricks have been played out and won.

The five lesser-known card games above are an entertaining treat to play with the family or friends. But if you can’t play in person, you needn’t worry. With platforms such as Ladbrokes online, you can instead play virtually with friends, no matter where they may be in the world. With the added benefit of trying out games for free on platforms such as Ladbrokes; you can boost your knowledge of the game to put you in better stead of winning against your opponents.


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