The Sick Chirpse gals are going mental this Femmeuary! Not in a growing-our-bikini-lines-out way either…

The Sick Chirpse gals are going mental this Femmeuary. No, we’ve not decided to grow and braid our bushels in a twirly girly version of Movember – I got laughed out of the first meeting for this suggestion – but we’re opening our smart-ass mouths (just for something different) and celebrating the magic that is the WO-MAN. Before your grapes shrivel at the thought of bra burning and self righteous monologues condeming your evil willies lads, Femmeuary is a celebration of the greatness, the power and the pride of us females – not how much we hate men.

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We’ve set up a system whereby anyone can put forward their thoughts/articles/poetry/artwork/tit bits (no pun) and we will publish them over on our Femmeuary site. If YOU have musings to share, email us at If you ain’t got nothing to say but want to keep abreast (pun) of our goings on, join the community here and here.

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Finally, we’d like to extend a challenge to you Chirpsers. How many of us shake our heads in dismay at some of the offensive, politically incorrect, sexist advertising out there that plagues the world of television, radio and print? Inspired by the billboard graffiti below, we’re asking YOU to bite back at those ads that make your blood boil Grab a pen and set ’em straight, whether it’s a poster on the tube or an ad in a magazine. Get scribbling. Just don’t get arrested cause we ain’t got no bail money. Send your pictures to and we’ll publish them on our site. Tweet your bits and bobs to me @BrodiSnook. Peace!

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