Ever Heard Of Machine Gun Fellatio?

Heard of Machine Gun Fellatio? Not an erotic way to clean your shooter, but a wicked band that has slipped under the radar.

The three greatest pleasures in life are as follows:

1. The ‘wee of relief’ after you’ve guzzled four ciders and lined up to pee for twenty minutes, lasting around forty seconds and ending with ‘ahhhh’

2. The ‘we actually don’t need you to come in today’ phone call you get from work as you’re rubbing the stamps off your wrists and wondering if taking six Nurofen will kill you

3. The discovery or rediscovery of a cracking band. Enter Machine Gun Fellatio.

It might sound like an erotic way for Americans to clean their shooters, but Machine Gun Fellatio is actually an epic band that has slipped under the radars of many and it’s time they got an Aaa-men! First things first, points for the utterly genius name, not to mention those of the various band members: Brian Ferrysexual, Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab, KK Juggy, LoveShark, Pinky Beecroft, 3kShort, Widow Jones and Feyonce. So thaaat’s where all the acid went in the late nineties.

An alternative (I’ll say!) Australian rock band formed in 1997, MGF immediately drew everyone’s attention with their humorous lyrics, provocative on stage shinanegans and general outrageous nature. They released three albums before disbanding in 2005, as all the good ones seem to do. But they certainly gave it a ruddy good go, causing controversy with their wild live performances at festivals and on television, often involving nudity, bondage and implied sexual intercourse with their instruments. Needless to say their tour of the major Australian universities was cancelled.

‘Rollercoaster’ was the band’s most commercially popular song, presumably due to it’s lack of obscenities, but ‘Mutha Fukka’ is a must for the pre-drinking/getting ready and/or shagging playlist. Watching the live performance of ‘Pussytown’, you can’t help but wonder if KK Juggy’s parents had this in mind when she said she wanted to be a singer? Lay back, loosen your clothing and prepare to be pleasured by Machine Gun Fellatio!

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