Evangeline Lilly Is Refusing To Self Isolate; Says Her Freedom Is More Important

Come on now.

The Coronavirus crisis is piling on thick and fast and most people out there are finally starting to take it seriously and self isolate to try and halt its spread around the world and limit its potential effect on the emergency services.

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I’ve gotta say that I’ve been impressed with a lot of celebrities during this period who have encouraged people to stay indoors and effectively quarantine themselves by doing it as well – finally using their responsibility for some kind of good – but one star that has chosen to do the exact opposite and flaunt scientific and government advice is Evangeline Lilly. You probably remember Evangeline from ‘Lost’ and ‘Ant Man’ and even though she was great in both of those, you’re probably gonna think she’s being a bit of a dick with what she’s posted below:

Ok that isn’t so bad, but it’s when you get into replies that things get a little hairy. First, when fans vented their anger at her irresponsibility, she revealed that not only was she going out and treating life as normal, but also that she was currently living with her father who has Stage 4 leukaemia. Here’s a couple of here replies:

I am also immune compromised at the moment. I have two young kids. Some people value their lives over freedom, some people value freedom over their lives. We all make our choices.

There’s always something in an election year.

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Hmmm. Can’t help but feeling she’s being a bit naive about all of this when almost everyone in the world is thinking the opposite to her and the physical evidence in Italy and China is overwhelmingly suggesting that her way of doing things is the wrong way of doing things.

I guess we should be thankful she only has 2.3 million followers as opposed to someone with way more, but even so that’s a lot of people that are gonna be influenced by her and probably end up going out and making things worse. Good work.

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