Escort Behind The Sports Club ‘Sex Party’ Video Reveals What Really Happened

The truth is out.

A prostitute who is at the centre of a sports club “sex party” scandal has revealed what really happened that night.

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An investigation has been launched by the venue after a video and pictures leaked online showing Fifi with her breasts dipped in a trophy cup, while cavorting with a young man and another stripper.

Since the photos and video have gone viral, 32-year-old Fifi claims that she slept with a man at the event on Tuesday and adds that she slept with two other men from the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) celebrations in Ireland on Wednesday night. The GAA is now investigating the case. Fifi said:

I come here to make Irish men happy. I always make happy. I like my job.

Sounds like the whole ordeal has helped Fifi and she’s actually seen a 70% boost to her business since the video and pictures were published yesterday. Fifi, from Naples, added that she attended the party after being told it was a joint celebration marking St Patrick’s Ballyragget club’s victory and a 21st birthday. 

I only had sex with one guy that night.

It didn’t happen in the pub. They have some hotel as well upstairs.

Apparently she and another colleague were paid €400 to attend the party between 8pm and 9.30pm.

Some of the guys who were at the party have been in touch.

Yesterday [Thursday] evening they come from the party to Kilkenny and had some sex. Two of them. They had a b*** job and sex, both. You can look on my reviews. I don’t know if they left reviews.

Yes, they left happy, I always I make happy. I come here to make Irish men happy. I like my job.

They paid €200 for one hour.

Well I guess business is booming since the video went viral. Obviously the GAA are not happy about it and have said that they were nothing to do with the antics, but I highly doubt their investigation will lead to anything. These things never do.

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