Digital Paper

Once people were reading paper books only. Now electronic reading devices have become familiar to us. Music, various works of art and other information are also digitized. Total digitization is firmly rooted in our lives. The latest technology goes further and further, and now mankind has such a novelty as a digital paper.

The manufacturer of digital paper is Sony, that recognized the urgent need of many people for a clear systematization of documents. That forced to invent a new type of paper called Digital Paper.

Digital paper is a real finding for those who deal with a huge number of documents, books, text files, notes. The times when everything was written and corrected by hand, have long passed. Sony Digital Paper is a device designed to conveniently manage your recordings. With it, you can both create new electronic documents and download scanned documents written by hand.

Various functions of corrections are available. And the data processing speed is at the level of the most advanced computers. For the most comfortable use of the device, manufacturers decided not to depart from the usual A4 sheet format, and make Digital Paper of this size. For those who care about their eyesight, the function of adjusting the brightness and contrast of the display is available.



Work with documents in one of the most common formats – PDF.Moreover, thanks to the wide screen, there is no need to constantly move the desired fragment into the display frame – you see the entire page at once, even discerning a small font without harming your eyes when you play australian baccarat game online from home or favorite games.

You can create notes and documents on a digital sheet using the stylus.Imagine that you have a plain sheet of paper and a pen in your hands, and work with them the way you are used to.However, having made a mistake, you do not need to take a new sheet, you simply correct everything directly in the document without any mistakes. You don’t have to carry folders with a large number of sheets on you – you can store thousands of documents in one small but very capacious device.

Using Wi-Fi and a USB port, you can share documents and notes with your colleagues and friends.

Thanks to the powerful battery, the Digital Paper can go up to 3 weeks without interruption.


The introduction of E-ink technology has caused a significant upsurge at the e-book market. In 2006, several models were produced. A much larger number of prototypes is announced annually.


The Belgian financial daily newspaper De Tijd of Antwerp announced plans to sell an electronic version of the newspaper for select subscribers. This was the first such application of electronic paper. In early 2007, the New York Times began testing about 300 of its own functional electronic newspapers.

Displays for phones

In 2006, Motorola introduced the Motorola F3 phone, which uses a segment screen from E Ink Corporation.


The target consumer audience of this product, first of all, are students and specialists of different companies who in their work are faced with digital data, information and text information. If Sony’s “dream” comes true, in a few years all university students will refuse to use notebooks and notebooks in favor of Digital Paper, and office workers will free their desks from huge stacks of paper.

Digital paper went on sale recently, and its approximate price is $ 1,000. According to manufacturers, in the future they plan to release even more advanced versions of the gadget.

Well, the ambitions of manufacturers regarding the latest developments are, as always, at a high level. Sony has repeatedly experienced both ups and downs. What will Digital Paper become – victory or defeat – will see…


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