Different Types Of Bachelor Degrees

Passing out of high school sounds like the biggest achievement, but you have a lot to achieve in the future. For your future endeavors, high school is just a milestone. Once you become a high school graduate, you have to worry about the bachelor program you can pursue. Your career choice is not a piece of cake. You have to be very careful while making a decision. The best way to choose the perfect bachelor’s degree is to analyze your skills, expertise, and interests. If you have all of them on your plate, you can easily and sanely choose the best career.


Do not rush into any decision because your entire life depends upon this decision. How would you feel if you find the life of lawyers more interesting, but you have chosen medicine for bachelors? If you haven’t decided on your career path yet, here is a list of degrees that might help you ease the process. These are the most renowned degrees, and if you know about them in detail, you can choose wisely. Go through every degree thoroughly so that you can assess your capabilities and make a good choice for pursuing bachelors.


Don’t worry because you don’t have to show your sketching and drawing skills, as the name might be suggesting. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) is a major degree program that is subdivided with relevance to subjects. You have different choices, like communication, journalism, languages, and international relations. Some universities also offer graphic designing and media science degrees under the same roof.


Another common mistake that students commit is that they confuse Bachelors of Arts with Bachelors of Fine Arts. The names may not show a major difference, but the degrees have different offerings. Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A) is related to coursework and is referred to as a professional degree. On the other hand, B.A is an academic degree. B.F.A offers Liberal Arts like history and psychology.

Many universities are now offering online general studies bachelor degree that covers the majority of the B.A and B.F.A programs. You get ease to study and the right degree as well.


If your aim was not to be a doctor, but you want to serve the healthcare industry, nursing may be the right choice. Bachelor of Nursing Program is available for students like you who have medicinal expertise, but the bachelor of medicine isn’t their priority.


Are you good at managing everything around you? If you can monitor all the tasks with excellence and you can envision yourself as the best manager in the coming years, this might be the beginning. Bachelor of Business Administration gives you a head start for your career as a manager. You are taught all the details related to business. Hence, you have got another option after pursuing BBA. You can establish your business as well. Since you know all the details, you can be better at investing money.


You can be a part of the justice system of your state, and a bachelor of law is an easy way. This bachelor’s degree gives you the expertise to fight for justice as a lawyer. It isn’t widespread yet, but you can initiate the spread it suits you.


BAS degree has a different meaning in different regions. Some call it equivalent to the degree of nursing, while others like the Netherlands, find it equivalent to a bachelor of engineering. The basic purpose of a BAS degree is to enhance the technical skills, and applicants are mostly professionals who have the desire to improve their workplace skills.


Becoming an engineer is the choice of the majority of high school students. The program lasts between three to five years, depending upon the area you have chosen to specialize in. The field diversifies as you excel in it.


This is another common degree that the majority of pre-meds wish to pursue. It isn’t a bachelor of medicine. It is a bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery; hence, abbreviated as MBBS. It is usually a five-year degree program, and you can specialize further in the master’s program. For example, you can choose gynecology, neurology, or cardiology for specialization.


If the field of medicine is your choice for bachelors, but MBBS isn’t your interest, dentistry is another field that you can choose. All oral health issues are your concerns, and you can have the expertise to treat patients suffering from gingivitis, etc. Generally, it is a four-year program and provides specialization opportunities.


Finding the right career path isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to assess yourself before choosing any path. Your interests, skills, abilities, and expertise all play a pivotal role in deciding a bachelor’s degree. There are several choices, and the top eight have been mentioned to give you a brief idea. Do not rush into a decision and make sure you choose according to your interests. External factors might be influencing, but your life depends upon this choice. It should be solely yours without any external influence.


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