There’s Finally A Trailer For That NSYNC / Backstreet Boys Zombie Movie

You know you want to watch this.

It’s been well over a year since we first wrote about the Backstreet Boys / NSYNC zombie apocalypse film ‘Dead 7’, and we were beginning to think it might never happen after not hearing a peep all this time.

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Well, truth be told we forgot all about it, but the good news is it’s still happening and the proof is finally here in trailer form.

Watch below:

So shit it’s actually watchable? That seems to be the vibe they’re going for. You shouldn’t really head into any movie starring the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC with hopes of seeing a classic but if you want to watch two aging 90s boy bands shoot up a bunch of zombies, thenthe premise sells itself really. Especially for nostalgia heads.

Also good to see Nick Carter doing something constructive with his time instead of battering people in bars in Florida.

Hit it:


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