Conor McGregor Just Posted This Video Proving He Is The Undefeated King Of UFC


It’s the Mac life baby.

Conor McGregor is the most famous (and probably most loved) UFC fighter because he talks a good game but can actually back it up in the ring nine times out of ten. It’s the Mac life baby.

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Conor was stripped of the featherweight title over the weekend by the UFC as they said even before he won the lightweight title that he could only hold onto and defend one title actively. As he never even bothered defending the featherweight title and is now the lightweight champion, I suppose it makes sense that he decided to stay in that division.

Anyway, as a response to that and to prove he’s still the greatest I suppose, Conor has decided to release this video of him battering all the opponents he has ever faced in his UFC career. It basically features them trash talking him, Conor McGregor battering them, and then them being forced to congratulate and compliment him in press conferences following the beating. Talk about a way to make an impression:

Yep, I’m sure that’s not going to rub them all up the wrong way is it? I suppose that’s exactly what Conor wants though.

I loved the way they added a sound effect for every knockout too to make it way more dramatic, although obviously anyone who watches that is going to notice the omission of Nate Diaz in there aren’t they? Can’t win them all I suppose – you can’t really deny that Conor has had a pretty fair old run in there though hasn’t he?

Respect – just a shame we’re going to have to wait so long for his next fight. Will it actually be against Floyd Mayweather?


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