Beyonce and Jay Z

It’s official, Beyonce has popped. Judging by the media frenzy circulating over the past week, you would be forgiven for thinking an event of major significance had actually occurred. Not quite a peace settlement between Israel and Palestine, but in fact Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z a.k.a. Sean Carter celebrating the birth of their first child Blue Ivy Carter. Or was it Ivy Blue Carter? The only thing that seems certain at present is that it’s a girl.

Ever since Beyonce’s infamous MTV VMA’s performance – in which the singer sumptuously revealed her baby bump for the first time – the tabloid machine has been in overdrive. Ending her routine with a Cheshire cat grin and overzealous bump rub (how on earth she managed to keep that under wraps, I’ll never know), Beyonce stole the show from the gender conflicted antics of Lady Gaga. Hands up who saw that coming?

Well perhaps we should have taken the hint when Bey declared “I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside of me” before launching into song.  I’m struggling to think of many people who could get away with announcing their pregnancy to a couple hundred million viewers and still look so damn good (yeah , I said it.)

Whilst the performance for some verged on becoming Diva-esque, what else did you expect? She’s Beyonce and reports that the couple paid $1.3 million (£840,000) during the birth to secure an entire floor of Lenox Hill Hospital doesn’t exactly suggest the shy and retiring type. Can’t really blame them to be honest, if I had the money I’ll probably do the same. With the added stress of going through labour, the last thing you need is a crowd of paparazzi falling over themselves for the first shot.

But now to more important matters: cynics (myself included) eagerly anticipated whether Beyonce and Jay would hand their child the same fate as so many other celebrity children – the burden of a ridiculous name. Apparently some celebrities just don’t receive enough attention as it is, yet Blue Ivy remains an unknown quantity amongst celebrity baby names. Unusual as the name Blue Ivy is, something tells me it won’t face the same playground ridicule of your everyday Harper Seven or Apple Blythe Alison Martin.  As with all celebrity trends, don’t be surprised if you see a sudden increase in new born babies named Blue throughout the year.

So what can we now expect from Hip Hop’s power couple? Maybe a decline in Beyonce albums released? Perhaps Jay Z taking a back seat in the studio? Or maybe even the next child protégé picking up the mantle from where her folks left off in a few years time a la Willow Smith?  Well it’s only been a few days and Blue Ivy has already managed to bag herself a collaboration with Hova, albeit a looped sample of baby cries playing throughout. The verdict – admittedly it still needs some work, but whom better to gain a few pointers from than the king and queen of Hip Hop.

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