Best Movies To Study History

Students often see history as a boring subject. And this is not surprising. After all, facts and past events are not always interesting to study.

Even worse when teachers are asked to write a historical essay, although now you can use college essay helper and not worry. But with our top of history films you can gain knowledge with pleasure.

The kingdom of heaven

Ridley Scott’s solid film: great large-scale shooting, impressive cast and the most realistic costumes. You can find fault, of course, that someone’s armor is not from that era, but it is a tolerable shortcoming.

The film’s script is based on the events that preceded the Third Crusade of 1189-1192: the war between the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Ayyubids and the siege of Jerusalem by Saladin.

Day of reckoning

England, 1380 Richard II has just ascended the throne, the Hundred Years’ War is in full swing, as is the plague. A group of wandering actors arrives in the city where the monstrous murder of a little boy took place. Instead of acting on biblical themes, the actors give a play that reveals the identity of the killer.

Gloomy and mesmerizing England, the perfectly conveyed spirit of the Middle Ages, as always convincing William Defoe and the young Tom Hardy.

Joan of Arc

XV century, France, Hundred Years’ War. Realistic and frightening atmosphere of battle scenes, stunning depth of visual images, endlessly repeated prayers, the sound of swords, a sea of ​​blood and the fragile and stubborn Virgin of Orleans performed by Milla Jovovich.

France is going through a difficult period, it is oppressed and left without a ruler. At this dark time, a young pious peasant woman appears on the doorstep of Charles the Dauphin, who intends to break the English and change life in her country for the better.

Pig time

According to medieval notions, animals could be held responsible for their actions, from the thirteenth century – even legal. The plot is based on real events related to the life and work of Bartholomew Chasseni, a lawyer who once served as a lawyer for animals accused of crimes.

The protagonist, a young lawyer Richard Courtois, leaves Paris for the provincial Aberville in search of “simple rural pleasures”, but is faced with ignorance, prejudice and superstition. In a matter of days, he finds himself involved in a criminal drama with murders.

Henry VIII

A film for all those who want to understand what happened to England in the first half of the XVI century. Great visual effects, authentic plot, stern Ray Winston and charming Helena Bonham Carter.

A biographical drama about the life, views, hopes and dreams of Henry VIII, the ruler who changed the face of England forever.

Another genus of Boleyn

Debut director Justin Chadwick’s drama about the rivalry of sisters Anna (Natalie Portman) and Maria Boleyn (Scarlett Johansson) for the heart of King Henry VIII.

Lovers of romantic stories and beautiful actresses will definitely like this film. Surprisingly, despite the dramatic plot and star cast, the film did not err too much against history.


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