The Best Horse Race Betting Tipsters On The Internet

Quite many services are offering tips on horse racing for punters. Some of them offer excellent services while others cannot be relied on. If you are in the horse betting industry, choosing a service that can work for you is critical. It minimizes loses and enhances your profits. In this article, we look at a few of the best horse racing tipsters you can ever find on the internet.


It is a consistent service in horse racing. So far it has racked over 1300 points profit since it opened its doors to the public in 2014. The service has made healthy returns to subscribers. It is easier to use and follow. Quentin sends three horse racing bets per day and enjoys a high winning ratio every month. It is consistent and has over the years seen the number of subscribers rise. Quentin offers tips on the evening before the races through the sister service QF Value Tips. Overall, Quentin is an impressive service that guarantees punters consistent profits. It has earned and deserves its top position in horse racing betting tipster list.


It is another top tipster on the internet. The service has not been around for a long time. However, it has achieved outstanding performance for the time it has been around. It makes it rank as one of the best services in the horse betting game. The service got into the tipping industry in 2014 and so far, it has accumulated 600 points of profit. Its return on investments is over 22 percent. It is consistent and has had 10 months winning streak in a row. This attests to why they deserve a spot on the list of top tipsters


It is an elite club for anyone with over 2,000 point’s profit. It was founded in 2015 and has achieved great results in the 4 years it has been in the betting industry. Every month, it registers a sizeable profit and gives good returns to punters. Currently, Russel’s return on the investment is about 31%. It is considered quite remarkable when we look at how long Russel has been offering the service. This sterling performance earns them a place on the list of the best betting tipster on the internet.


It is a racing tipster that has managed to deliver good profits to its subscribers for a long period. It has amassed more than 900 points of profits each year with a 15 % ROI. The site has remained consistent over the past five years. Its average winning is eight months every year. So far, Bet Alchemist has had 11 consecutive winning months. It is a solid performance that makes it join the list of the top horse racing tipster. Besides, the service is well managed and invests a lot in research.

Of course, there are many more tipsters out there we would have loved to evaluate. But Quentin Franks, Russel Blair, Bet Alchemist, and Master Racing have earned the best spots on the internet. They are the best options you have at the moment. So if you want to get good returns from horse betting subscribe to any one of them.


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