Aussie Woman Takes On Snake To Save A Chicken


An Australian farmer showed a python who was running the show when she found it wrapped around one of her prize chooks by stamping on its head and proceeding to revive the half dead chicken. Only in Oz right?


Aussies have a bit of a reputation for being tough as nails- most of us like to think we are anyway. But this Aussie farmer is rough as guts in the true sense of the phrase (whatever ‘rough as guts’ means – it’s just another of our sayings wot don’t make sense). Kezia Purick from Darwin in the Northern Territory (where the majority of the worst ouchy-bitey-creepy-crawlies reside) went out on Tuesday night to lock up her chicken coop as per normal, where she found a 1.6m water python wrapped around one of her hens.

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‘The poor thing was down to its last feather’, she says. ‘I saw the chook was still alive. I put my foot on the snakes head and unwrapped it’. Kezia then picked up the chicken who’s head was drooping and eyes were ‘glazed over’ and proceeded to revive it, opening its beak and blowing air down its neck while giving it a ‘heart massage’. The Chinese Silkie then miraculously sprung back to life – all the while the python was still writhing under Kezia’s gumboot.

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‘I get a little bit annoyed with these snakes stealing my chicks’, Kezia Purick explains. Whoever uploaded the YouTube video has disabled it for embedding, so just check it out here instead.

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