These Women Claim They Had Sex With Aliens And Gave Birth To Alien Hybrid Babies

Great, even aliens are getting laid.

A group of women in the US are claiming they have children which were fathered by aliens who live with their dads on giant spaceships, and described their sexual encounters with these aliens as the “best they’ve ever had”.

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The ‘Hybrid Baby Community’ believe aliens have been harvesting their DNA to create children that combine the best of both human and alien characteristics to create the ultimate human/alien hybrid being.

According to two women who claim to have mothered children with aliens, the conceptions happen either through artificial insemination or actual hot alien sex.


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Bridget Nielson, 27, from Arizona claims she has 10 hybrid children. She says:

They are not just taking our children – they are creating a hybrid race to better humanity.

(The sex) was great. It was an incredible super primal, super raw, super primal sexual experience. There was a really freedom and we were really going for it. It was the best sex I ever had.

Mum of three Aluna Verse, 23, from LA describes her own conception:

I was in a classroom setting with other humans. All of sudden I’m sat next to this green reptilian creature and immediately I’m so sexually turned on looking at this being.

I was very surprised. We’re making love in this classroom in front of everyone. Everyone turned their attention to us. It sounds crazy and people have asked if I’m off my meds. But this is really happening.

Riiiight. The thing is though, they’ve never actually met their alien children because they’re living with their alien dads on spaceships:

There is a sadness because you can’t be with them.

We believe there may be hundreds of thousands of women across the world who have hybrid babies, they just don’t know about them.

They did manage to produce these drawings of what their hybrid children look like though:





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For women who are unsure whether they have alien children, Bridget provided some helpful pointers to look out for:

There are signs that you can look for such as recurring dreams about doctor’s offices or classrooms, missing times or false pregnancies.

These could mean you have hybrid children.

So unless I’m being massively ignorant here, chances are these girls are either literally insane or just trolling the whole world. I’ll be honest though, there’s something weirdly arousing about these girls claiming to have had sex with aliens and enjoyed it. Especially the fact they seem to truly believe it actually happened. Just me?

Either way, good to see that aliens are getting laid, even if sending that inflatable sex doll into space seems like a wasted offering now.


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