Advantages Upon Getting ITIL® Foundation Certification

In today’s world, technology and business go hand in hand. Companies cannot be successful without linking these two aspects. To remain marketable and relevant in today’s world, companies need to be upfront on their IT and digital aspect as well as the business aspect, regardless of how awkward or unpleasant the process can be.


This development and evolution towards the latest happenings should be guided by an understanding of the latest processes, expectations, and management practises within the organization as well as outside of it, otherwise, ITSM can lead to wastage of money, effort and time and competitors would eventually entice clients away by offering better products that are more efficient.

ITSM stands for Information Technology Service Management. It is essentially how the process by which end-to-end delivery of IT services to clients is managed by IT professionals. This comprises all activities that are involved in designing, developing, delivering, and supporting IT services. People frequently misinterpret ITSM as basic IT assistance, as a result of their frequent interactions with IT. ITSM teams, on the other hand, provide much more than just basic IT assistance. They are equipped to handle various types of IT devices and tools, including laptops, servers, or mission-critical software programmes.

Introduction of ITIL®

The framework that is most commonly used for ITSM is ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). ITIL is used in almost every industry, be it animation or technology. With this framework, organizations from different sectors can combine their technological as well as business requirements. ITIL promotes an environment of continuous service improvement, allowing firms to continue producing the finest services and products, with maximum concentration and least waste.

The most recent version of the ITIL framework is ITIL 4. It has been created by AXELOS, in collaboration with the community of ITIL practitioners. They have contributed significant insight into the evolution of the framework to stay relevant, with so many changes constantly taking place in the market. Ultimately, the ITIL 4 framework was created. This framework has all of the benefits of ITIL v3, along with best practices and the latest information from the field of ITSM, such as its most popular techniques, market structure, or how to optimise IT services to achieve maximum value.

Working of ITIL

ITIL 4 is a best-practice framework for developing, maintaining, and expanding IT services in a continuous improvement environment. A complete overview of factors such as modern IT service management, including elements such as cloud systems, digital transformation, value streams and IT governance is provided by ITIL. This framework has been developed to guarantee that a company’s IT services are completely optimized and deliver the maximum value.

ITIL is beneficial for organizations as it aids them in managing risk, increasing productivity, lowering service development and deployment cost, strengthening customer connections and engagement and creating an Agile environment in the organization.

Professionals looking to start or switch their careers in ITIL should pursue ITIL certifications. There are various certification courses that they can pursue, ranging from ITIL Foundation level to ITIL Master level. These certifications can prepare them to take on challenging roles within their organization and move forward in their career.

These certifications are for individual professionals and not businesses or organizations, as of yet. Apart from the ITIL Foundation course, professionals can also take up the ITIL Managing Professional, ITIL Strategic Leader and ITIL Master certifications.

Benefits of ITIL Foundation Certification

The ITIL Foundation course revolves around the basics of the ITIL framework. IT professionals who want to get a foundational understanding of the ITIL framework, and how to utilise it to improve ITSM can take up this course.

Owing to the popularity and efficiency of ITIL, there are several benefits of taking up the ITIL foundation certification, including –

  • Improvement in Work Efficiency – Once professionals complete the ITIL Foundation course, they will have a better understanding of the ITIL framework and will be able to manage their work more effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, they can understand the importance and applicability of ITIL procedures and activities. As a result, you will be able to work more productively.
  • Higher Salary – After completion of the ITIL foundation training, job opportunities for professionals can increase tremendously. This will give them an advantage over other non-certified candidates. Furthermore, as a certified ITIL practitioner, their pay scale will skyrocket. The average compensation of an ITIL qualified professional can rise by more than 15%. Once certified, the average annual compensation might be about $100,000. Though rates may vary depending on the region as well as the experience of professionals, there is still an assured increase in the annual compensation, after pursuing the ITIL certification course.
  • Recognition – Professionals are acknowledged for their talents and expertise in managing IT services in their organization if they’ve completed an ITIL certification course. Their ability to efficiently manage procedures and services would certainly be valued both by the top executives in the organization as well as their co-workers. It showcases to your employers as well as prospective employers that you are committed to learning and being up to date with the market. This is a valuable skill that organizations continually look for in prospective candidates.
  • Holistic Perspective – By pursuing the ITIL certification, professionals can learn about the integration of IT services, infrastructure, and business. As a result, they can gain a better understanding of the bigger picture and provide valuable additions to their organization, thus becoming highly sought-after employees.
  • Clarity on Foundations – Professionals who pursue ITIL certifications get a clear idea about the ITIL framework. With this, they become aware of the common terms that are used across the market, in different countries, sectors and domains. This can help them with better customer engagement as well as internal communication, across organizations. With this certification, professionals also get detailed insight into the ITIL Life Cycle, benefits of the ITIL framework and process improvement. The core areas that are discussed in this course include service design, service strategy, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement.
  • Advanced Certifications – After clearing the ITIL Foundation exam, professionals can also pursue ITIL advanced certifications including ITIL practitioner, ITIL intermediate, ITIL expert and ITIL master. This can provide a huge boost to their career and they can move ahead in their ITIL career path within their organization.
  • Job Prospects – Obtaining an ITIL certification can open doors to jobs that are not only high-paying but also that are aligned with your interests. Sometimes, professionals have to settle for low-level roles. By pursuing these certifications, they can demonstrate their skills and knowledge and consequently get better job prospects. Employees who have ITIL certifications can directly land a job role of their choice with a good starting salary.
  • Flexibility – Pursuing the ITIL certification can give a boost to the awareness of professionals, about the complete infrastructure of IT. It also gives them greater flexibility to multitask and hence, become more valuable to their organization. If you aren’t satisfied working in your current IT position, you can consider switching your career if you’ve pursued ITIL certifications. There are numerous opportunities and job roles that professionals can choose.

Pursuing ITIL certifications can be a low-risk effort and investment, as compared to bigger investments. Hence, by pursuing ITIL certifications, professionals can enhance their resumes and begin their dream careers, along with the added perks.


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