5 Prevalent Reasons Why Guys Cheat In A Marriage

Infidelity is a significant issue that arises between married couples time and again. One must visit relationship counsellors or a reliable site to get help if they are not able to handle the situation wisely. A man’s biology is designed in such a manner that he is accustomed to making sexual relations with as many women as possible. Therapists and psychologists who have researched in this area suggest that whenever one is caught cheating, the first reaction of the man is that of denial. Almost all the cheating cases lead to divorce because even after confessing to cheating, men think that they have done nothing wrong. Some of these reasons are discussed as under:



Cheating is a choice; no man cheats on his wife without knowing its consequences. Often, men have a perception of taking revenge from their wives for something that they might have done in the past. In a fit of anger and outrage, they decide to hurt their wives by having an affair outside marriage. In such cases, men do not hide that they are cheating because they want their wives to know about it. Those men make sure that their wives are hurt enough by knowing about their husbands.


It is found in several studies that men cheat on their wives to fulfil their personal needs. They keep their affairs the best-kept secret because if someone comes to know about it, their marriage will be destroyed. At the time of marriage, vows are taken to maintain monogamy, and no partner shall indulge in infidelity. However, when men work outside the house, they treat themselves as free birds and forget that they have a loving wife at home.


Humans always seek fulfilment elsewhere when they depend entirely on their partner for every kind of bonding. But what they don’t understand is that you can’t talk about everything to just one person. There will be times when a husband cannot bring his work home and will be left stressed within himself. To release this stress, he falls in the shackles of cheating. However, wives can track their husbands about their office hours and location from SMS trackers available online.


Being insecure is a universal human trait that not only happens in marriage but other relations as well. When a couple gets married at such an age when they were not ready to be married, cases of cheating arise. Every relationship is built on trust and understanding. When the partners are immature, they start feeling insecure with time in a marriage. To seek happiness elsewhere, men cheat on their wives.


It is a well-known fact that men are most afraid of commitment. When a relationship has commitment issues, it is meant to go down the hill. Men fear the future more than women. Even when they are not looking for options, they don’t let go of opportunities knocking at their door and cheat on their wives. Any amount of contingency or the chance of finding someone better or not being happy with their partners in the future leads to having a problem in committing to one woman. This is the reason why they cannot abstain themselves from other women.


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