5 Essential Steps You Should Know To Create An Effective College Essay

Most students find writing an essay is the most difficult task. Whether the essay is for class, contest, or maybe even for a scholarship, many students find it often an overwhelming task. While writing an essay seems to be a dreaded task, but there are some steps that can make this task manageable. The following are the few easiest ways to draft your dissertation successfully.


Before reading this helpful guide, I want you to know why most students are struggling with this task and why they are finding writing an essay so difficult.

A few months ago, I got a chance to visit different schools and colleges where I talked to different students. I inquired them to share their experiences and issues they face while studying. The one thing which I noticed common among most students was their writing problems. It bothered me a lot to find why this happens to students, and then I researched it. During my research, I met different teachers and professors of schools and colleges, and then I get to know that most students start college with poor writing skills. School teachers don’t focus on student’s writing skills due to which they possess poor writing skills and unable to perform well and obtain good marks.

However, nowadays, one can hire a paper writing service at affordable prices; still, students need to improve their writing skills to express their thoughts and ideas to achieve their goals. For such students, below are complete guides that will surely help them to improve their essay writing skills.


Sometimes students have their assigned topic, or they can have the option to choose it on their own. So if your professor allows you to select a topic yourself, be wise in this selection. Narrow down your thoughts and focus on one central point to create a precise and attractive topic.


Once you have selected the topic now, it comes to gather material and data relevant to it. Discuss your topic with your seniors or teachers to collect more ideas and points to know all possible aspects of the question.


While researching, make sure to jot down all the important points and websites where you find data relevant to your topic.

In order to write a successful piece of paper, you have to organize your thoughts and ideas. By taking what’s already in your mind and jot it down on a paper, you can see the links and connections between ideas and thoughts more clearly.


After outlining, it’s time to give a proper shape to your thoughts and fill all the gaps and spaces you have left in the draft.

Make sure your thesis statement should be attractive and allow the reader to understand what you are going to talk about. Remember, one more thing your introduction paragraph leads the reader towards the rest of the part, so make sure to write it at the end so you can have an idea of what your essay is particularly about.

The body of your essay should be based on the short paragraph, and each one should hold the new information but relevant to your topic.

The conclusion basically shouldn’t have any new information. It is the crux of your essay and allows the reader to read your final findings.


This is what makes your essay errors and mistakes less. Without giving a thorough read to your written content, you are unable to find out mistakes. So make sure to proofread your work at least more than two times, so you produce an error less piece of paper.



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