4Chan User Finds ‘Chip-Chan’, The Woman Live Streaming Her Own Mind Control And Abduction

Chip Chan

Real life Truman Show.

The internet is a monster of our own making and it remains a worrying fact that the depths of human depravity and abnormality are simply a few clicks away. Just check out these disturbing deep web findings if you don’t believe me.

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Sometimes, you come across something that completely defies explanation and that is true for the mysterious story of Chip-Chan. This case began in 2008, when a person on 4chan stumbled upon an unidentified woman from South Korea’s live webcam streams (which you can find HERE).

They initially assumed that the woman was dead, because she didn’t move for ten hours and her body looked contorted. This would’ve been dark in itself (who would livestream a dead body?) but they soon discovered that she was in fact alive.

At first, this woman and her story didn’t seem all that interesting. She appeared to be a lonely person who never left the house, slept for 12 hours a day, often inside a filing cabinet, and spent her waking life on the internet, broadcasting it on three webcams.

Yet as viewers dug deeper into her identity, they soon discovered a potentially sinister truth behind the woman nicknamed Chip-Chan. Observers were able to piece together some clues that shed a bit of light on the details surrounding her life. By translating the messages that were written on various signs posted around her bedroom, it appeared that she was part of a very sinister plot.

Chip-Chan also left an email address on her screen and eventually began to reveal little bits of information. She claims that she didn’t need to work due to an inheritance from her parents. However, she also said that she was being extorted for her money by a man named ‘P’ (pictured below). She claims that P is a corrupt police officer who is keeping her under house arrest. And to prevent her from ever escaping his grasp, he has implanted her with a microchip, which also controls her sleep patterns and moods.


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Due to the lack of evidence aside from Chip-Chan’s words, it’s hard to know whether she is telling the truth. While some viewers believe that she is, indeed, the victim of P’s plot, others think that Chip-Chan is a regular woman who suffers from extreme schizophrenia and paranoia. The theory suggests that this woman shows many classic signs of the deep-seated persecution complex – a common trait found in paranoid schizophrenics.

When some people tried to actually contact South Korean authorities, they were told that she was a harmless eccentric and that the police already knew about her. But that still doesn’t answer the question as to why she would choose to spend her entire life sleeping in front of a webcam, why she made all those signs and how does she support herself. Despite being nearly ten years since the online discovery of Chip-Chan, we are still no closer to solving the mystery aside from the several speculative theories. Too many questions – hopefully one day we find some solid answers.

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