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Weed Wedding

Stoners Can Now Get Married With A Weed Themed Wedding

Get baked while you get hitched.


Stoners Can Now Get Married With A Weed Themed Wedding

A few years back, the only way you might have been able to incorporate weed into your wedding was to possibly hold it actually on 4/20. But to celebrate the stoner holiday we’re bringing you the news that people are actually holding weed themed weddings these days.

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The concept is so successful in American states where weed is legalised that the very first Cannabis Wedding Expo took place in Denver, Colorado last year. This event intended to educate couples about how they could tastefully and safely incorporate marijuana into their big day.

A few of the features of a weed wedding include the following:

  • Bongs and vapes at every table for the guests.
  • Professional budtenders who will educate and offer you all different strains of weed for whatever your mood.
  • Themed tables with different gourmet weed on each one.
  • Bongs and pipes engraved with the initials of the bride and groom.
  • Gourmet edible marijuana products at every table.

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  • A real sense of togetherness and fun because everyone is getting high together, so you’re not pranging out over sneaking out the back to smoke weed. This also leads to…
  • The funniest best man speech ever because everyone is so baked.
  • The tastiest food anyone has ever enjoyed at a wedding because everyone is so baked.
  • The best dancing anyone has ever seen at a wedding because everyone is so baked and subsequently…
  • The most fun anyone has ever had at a wedding ever.
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What’s not to like about all that? The only problem of course is that weed isn’t legal in this country – and probably never will be – so if you do end up throwing a weed wedding, it’s gonna have to be under the table and probably cost a lot more. You’ll also have the spectre of arrest hovering over you during the whole thing. Still, it’s probably worth it when you add up all the plus points.

For more weed weddings, check out this account of how one actually went down a couple of years back. Inspirational.

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