This Ad Is Offering A Bed In A Living Room In London For £500 A Month


Better invest in some PJs.

London rent prices have reached ridiculous new heights, meaning there has been whole load of people conjuring up weird ideas to cut the cost of rent. These guys thought it might be appealing to offer a tent in a room for £630 per month — not quite sure how serious this is but either way, London is ridiculous.

At first appearance this ad on SpareRoom looks very reasonable. It’s in Brixton, it’s only £500 and the flat doesn’t look like an absolute hovel. But there’s a catch — the monthly payment only covers the cost of a bed in a shared living room.

SpareRoom ad

The ad says:

We have a spare bed in a private area of our living space that we have been Airbnb-ing and have been thinking about whether to lease out on a longer term.

The room is unusual as it isn’t in its own room/doesn’t have its own door.

It’s a double bed in a large space in a section of a huge lounge. THIS IS NOT A PRIVATE ROOM.

They try to sell it by saying the other flatmates are “very chilled” and “not crazy party people”. They’ve even got a “modesty curtain”. Wow, now that’s luxury.

Living room

If you’re not sure about this offer, you can find somewhere affordable that has a door — if you would like to live like a serial killer. Or you could rent this cosy bed under the stairs. See Londoners, there are lots of options — you just need to stop being so choosy.


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