Teenager Learns About Dangers Of Livestreaming In Most Embarrassing Way Possible (VIDEO)


Come on mum.

As if playing League of Legends wasn’t embarrassing enough, for this teenager it took on a whole new level of shame.

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During a live stream session with his online buddies, his game was interrupted by his half-naked mum, who charged into the room wearing just her underwear. The kid says, “mum, for fuck’s sake” as she appears in the background in view of all his friends. And if that weren’t enough, she makes the situation even more mortifying by asking if he needs waking up in the morning. Come on mum, he’s trying to look cool in front of his League of Legends buddies:

Not cool. She might as well turn up to his school the next day with his forgotten packed lunch, just to add icing to the horrifically embarrassing cake.

At least he saw the funny side – unlike this poor kid.


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