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Smoking Weed Would Overtake Boozing If The UK Legalises Cannabis

Maybe then everyone would chill TFO.


Smoking Weed Would Overtake Boozing If The UK Legalises Cannabis

Yesterday we reported on the big news that a group of senior MPs from each political party led by Nick Clegg were calling on Theresa May for the legalising of cannabis use in the UK.

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This came following a report that showed this move would create savings of £1billion to the Treasury from taxation sales and savings on criminal justice costs.

Although we still have a way to go, this was a big step forward in the case for legal marijuana and we’re very much looking forward to hearing the results and the PM’s reaction to this campaign.

Aside from the many benefits with regards to the economy (and our own personal enjoyment), another potential positive would be that many people would quit boozing or convert to weed smoking over drinking alcohol. This has been proven in Washington state, which is one of the small number of states in the US which took the legalisation route.


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Reports have shown that sales of legal marijuana have almost overtaken hard liquor in Washington. In the second quarter of 2016 residents and visitors were for the first time spending more than $200million on marijuana and marijuana products, where the gap between this with alcohol sales had decreased to less than $40million.

And this gap is slowly closing – while alcohol sale figures are not yet available for the third quarter, marijuana sales soared even more to $278.6million between July and September.


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Although this figure is relatable to one state in the US, you could only assume that once cannabis was made legal in the UK, the same would happen. If anything the Tory government needs to realise that weed as a recreational drug is far safer, less addictive and destroys significantly fewer lives than alcohol does. Meanwhile, the high makes people’s temperament chilled out, where as drunk people (I speak for myself too) are obnoxious. Then of course there’s the added benefit that it would boost our economy, which I think we could all use during this time of austerity.

Fingers crossed this new campaign will get us somewhere and plant the seeds for a green Britain – we can but hope. To read more about the case for legalising weed, click HERE.

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