These Stunning Posters Capture The Beauty Of Studio Ghibli Films

Studio Ghbili

One of a kind.

Studio Ghibli continues to be a cultural phenomenal thanks to its excellent storytelling, striking visuals and the work of its legendary co-founder Hayao Miyazaki, and now artist Bill Mudron has created a series of posters that fully captures the tranquil beauty of some of their most memorable films.

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You can see a section of some of our favourites below – do you know which movie each one is depicting?

Studio Ghibli 7Studio Ghibli 6Studio Ghibli 4Studio Ghibli 3Studio Ghibli 2Studio Ghibli 1

Fantastic. You really can’t beat some of the stories and animations that the Studio has been responsible for. If you still can’t get the hype, check out 18 actors that you didn’t even know were associated with the studio – you’ll be surprised.

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