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Nude Coffin Polish Calendar 10

Nudes Advertise Coffins In Poland

Sex and death brought together once again in one of the strangest marketing ploys I think I’ve ever seen….


Nudes Advertise Coffins In Poland

We are always charmed and enchanted by the nutjobbery of the Ruskis and the Japanese here at Sick Chirpse. But lest we forget that other countries are pretty good at being barmy too…

As the title of this post leads you to believe, the Poles are on the mad juice as well. Basically a Polish company called Lindner, decided to release a calendar to advertise their products. That’s a bit strange right off the bat.

Who’s going to want a reminder of their impending doom every time they check the date. “Ooooh I have a dentists appointment next Wednesday, and wow, what a lovely coffin that is, maybe I’ll buy one?” No that’s too weird.

Nude Coffin Polish Calendar 9

But one impressively bold Polish chap decided that he would mix sex and death and have some snazzy models chilling with his caskets, some painted, some scantily clad. I don’t know how many more coffins he’ll shift but to to be fair, I’m writing about it in the UK, and I couldn’t name one single manufacturer of coffins before today, so he’s done something right.

Nude Coffin Polish Calendar 8

The owner said “my son had the idea of creating the company’s calendar… so that we could show something half-serious, colorful, beautiful; the beauty of Polish girls and the beauty of our coffins,” Fair enough.

Nude Coffin Polish Calendar 3

Of course the Catholic church is pretty jazzed off about it, 93% of Poles say they are Catholic (although church attendance is a whole load less than that and falling), but they hate everything so fvck ’em. Toffee nosed, high horse riding, paedo-protecting, war mongering, selfish, lizard tongued ming mongs. Anyway, they think death is sacred blah blah blah and shouldn’t be mixed up with sex.

Nude Coffin Polish Calendar 4

But in reality, birth, sex and death are the three things we all have in common so really they should chill out about it. We’re all pretty het up about death these days because we’re so removed from it. If you went back 300 years there’d be corpses in the street and we would kill things for our lunch. Most people only see a carcass if it’s been plucked and packaged nicely in the freezer section at Asda. It’s a reality guys… deal with it. Bloody Catholics.

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