Watch This New Zealand Couple Have Sex On A Statue Of A Sheep In The Middle Of The City

Sex Sheep


There’s nothing quite as legendary on a night out as walking through the city and watching two completely wasted people having sex right there in public for everyone to see and this could be the best example of that I’ve ever seen.

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The video comes courtesy of someone in New Zealand, who was driving around Dunedin with a bunch of their mates after a night out on Sunday and ran into a guy and a girl going at it on a statue of a sheep in the middle of the city. Top marks for creativity.

Here’s what one of the people filming  had to say about it:

They were having sex on the sheep. I reckon it was a dare or something. I remember thinking ‘what a legend’. I’ve never seen anything like it. One of my friends put it online and everyone was having a laugh, apart from my mum. She didn’t like it.

Lighten up a bit mum, it’s only a bit of fun. In all seriousness though, that girl does look kinda out of it, even if the guy is waving back and smiling. Hope they both enjoyed it as much as he seems to be, as it’s likely that they’re probably gonna end up getting arrested for it if they haven’t been already.

For more of the same, check out these two going at it on a train station in Barcelona. Not quite as epic but still a pretty ballsy move.

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