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Man Insanely High On Drugs In McDonald’s Takes On Cops Like He’s Got Superhuman Strength

This video is absolutely crazy.


Man Insanely High On Drugs In McDonald’s Takes On Cops Like He’s Got Superhuman Strength

This video is absolutely crazy. Not only is it almost seven minutes of a cop trying to take down a topless guy high on drugs in McDonald’s, but it also occurs in the middle of the day in a busy McDonald’s which makes the whole thing about ten times more comical.

Seriously though, now that we’ve set the scene, you’ve really got to see how unbelievably tough this guy on drugs is. The cop is tasering him multiple times (in a busy McDonald’s in the day, where nobody seems even remotely bothered by this) and he doesn’t even really flinch that hard at it when most people would be on the floor shaking and drooling all over themselves.

He then gets pepper sprayed and just shakes it off like it’s nothing. Say what you want about bath salts and PCP and how horrific they all are, but if you can be as though as this guy when you’re on them maybe we should give it to all our soldiers before they go off into battle. Of course, it might be hard to actually get them to be coherent or have a clue what they were actually doing, but hey they would be super tough at least right?

The YouTuber kindly provided a detailed explanation of what was going on just before the video started too:

So about 4-8 mins before the police arrived , this man was inside the McDonalds located in Riverdale MD on Kenilwoth Ave.

When I first noticed him, he was just talking to himself. After not paying attention to what he was saying, he began to bang on his table like if it were drums and was doing it a bit too loud. I had just assumed he was a person of special needs maybe and once again, didn’t pay attention. He soon started punching his table like if it were a person and knew, he was becoming aggressive and an endangerment to the publics safety.

My mom had asked an employee at this point if they had called the police and they had responded saying “yes, they’re en route.” He soon gets up and starts arguing with himself and acts like he wants to fight with someone who was in front of him and goes up against a wall and starts shouting. He takes off his shirt and starts walking around which endangers the public a lot more because we don’t know if he’s going to hurt someone because this man already seemed agitated.

At this point he starts throwing chairs to the ground and slammed a wet floor sign to the ground and pushing chairs. McDonalds was pretty packed as well considering most people were getting out of work and school and there was quite a bit of children (including my 2 younger siblings) and a group of elderly people.

When the police arrive, he was ordered on the ground and I knew right there, to take out my phone and start recording. During the moment i had forgotten to turn my phone sideways which is why its at that angle so i do apologize for that.

After he was detained, his legs were soon in cuffs and had a human muzzle it seemed like because he was still shouting and screaming. The ambulance arrived probably about 2 or 3 mins later after he was detained. He was then transported to a DC hospital. After all, he was tased 3 times, maced about 4 times, hit with the baton twice, tackled to the wall, and almost had his arm broken when being detained.

Throughout the whole incident, this man showed NO sign of giving up and was resisting arrest. It seemed clear after being tased for the first time that this man WAS ON DRUGS. Most likely PCP. I commend the officers for stopping him before he could hurt someone and danger the public.

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