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This LSD User’s Bad Trip Is The Single Most Disturbing Story You’ll Read All Year

The worst trip.


This LSD User’s Bad Trip Is The Single Most Disturbing Story You’ll Read All Year

Most of the time when you hear about bad LSD trips, it involves someone momentarily losing their mind or having disturbing hallucinations. And yes, it sounds terrifying, but a majority of the time it ends and the user goes back to their normal life (if a little jaded).

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However, this story is quite possibly enough to put you off taking hallucinogenic drugs for life. It’s so disturbing and dreadful, you almost wonder if he made it up, but then why would someone take to Reddit to share this story if they weren’t telling the truth? What would they get out of it?

The story was shared by user DanCordero. You can read it in full below (get the popcorn out – it’s a long one):

I haven’t shared this a lot since it happened, and haven’t gone into full detail before. Some people asked for this, so here it is. My worst trip ever and probably one of the worsts out there. Long story.

This was 1 year and 4 months ago. Me and one of my best friends got a couple of double-dipped acid tabs. It was not our first time. We decided to record ourselves incase we said some deep insights about life or random toughts. The acid was very strong (REALLY strong) and it basically swept us off our feet and made us enter this trance state for what seemed an eternity (probably was like an hour). In that time i faintly remember my mind ‘floating’ and just not knowing what was happening, and i remember seeing my friend also in the floor and saying ‘when is this gonna end?’. We just couldn’t move, literally. After a while we somehow were able to move and started saying ‘this is it, we broke through, we’re seeing the framework of the universe now’ and being happy that we once again were in that marvelous state that LSD gets you.

We decided to go to the terrace on the third floor of my apartment complex, and there we both got lost in our minds again, and again i cannot remember exactly what was happening, my mind was just lost and i kind of remember i had a trip in which i ‘realized’ how to finally make pure, real art (i’m into art). I also remember somehow my friend taking his clothes off and being totally naked (that didnt matter to me in that moment and it was ‘normal’ for me in my ‘trascendence state’). I lost my mind for who knows how many hours, i kinda ‘lived’ a fantasy in which i was creating art out of nowhere…and then suddenly i ‘came back’ to the real world when i heard a big impact.

The worse happened and my buddy somehow went crazy and jumped from the 3rd floor, effectively killing himself. When the neighboors saw a naked man lying dead on the floor they called the police, i went running to him and held him on my hands trying to reanimate him, the next minute i know (atleast for me it was only a minute) when the police arrived and i’m being taken. To this moment i started to think this was all an illusion. This couldn’t be happening, i for sure would wake up soon from this trip. So i said random incoherent things while they interrogated me, they asked me if i had killed him and the only thing i could say during the whole interrogation was ‘this is art.’ They detained me, took me to a dark alley where they beat me up badly, then took me to the police station. All this time i was still thinking this was FOR SURE an hallucination and that this bad trip would end soon. I even contemplated jumping from the back of the police truck while they were driving me handcuffed on it so i could die and come back to reality. Like really, really contemplating it. But a little bit of me started to realize that maybe this wasnt a bad trip and maybe this WAS happening so i didnt jump just to not risk it. So once in the police station they interrogated me, made me take off all my clothes and got general punches and kicks by several police men for like an hour. They were saying ‘you killed your friend, admit it.’ Of course i didnt and i was kept there on a cold cell with no food, no mantle to cover myself from the cold (it was raining outside and of course very cold inside) and i was never allowed to make any call. For all i knew nobody from my family / friends knew about me. (I lived alone and nobody from that apartment complex was close or knew any relatives of me). And of course at this point i was not sure if my friend was dead or alive.

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The next day (i didnt sleep) they kept interrogating me, saying they would ‘disappear me’ and cut my dick and all kinds of stuff if i didnt admit i didnt kill him. I didnt, and they sent in a ‘special team’ that was in charge of ‘murder interrogations’ and they said they were specialists in torture. This ‘special team’ took me to a small room and beat me with a bat, electrocuted my genitals, put a bag in my head to suffocate me , kicked me in the knees, in the back of my neck and in my ribs. They put a paper in front of me and told me to sign it. I acted dizzy and read a few lines of that paper, and it basically said that i was admiting i killed my friend. Of course i didn’t sign it, and the torturing went on for like 2 more hours. After that i was sent to my cell and was kept there for another dy straight with no contact , sheets, food or anything. The next day they woke me up, took me to a doctor so he could check if i was beaten, i had bruises and told him i was beaten and he never said a word and just passed on the report that i was ok. Next i was taken to what i guess was the chief from that police and he asked me where did i get the drugs, and they were gonna bust him and if didnt tell i would be fucked. I told him something that wasn’t true, then one of them had a laptop and was seeing my facebook profile and they said if what i said wasnt true, they would go and arrest my friends and that they were already investigating them. Next he made me go with him to his office and he told me that my friend had died the night before and that i would serve 45 year of prison for murder and something else for possession of illegal drugs. I asked for a phone call or if they could let my dad know that i was there and he just laughed and insulted me. When i was taken outside in a car to get me to jail, i saw my dad, my brother and my girlfriend outside of the police station and they wouldn’t let them in. They were all crying and had such despair in their eyes and this was one of the most desvastating moments in my life. They couldn’t see me being taken away because i got taken out from a backdoor and drove past them and behing them. While on the way to jail one of the police men asked me if i was scared, and i told him yes. In my mind, my life was over.

For those of you who don’t know, mexico’s jail is supposedly totally run by the gang ‘Los zeta’, a cruel drug dealing cartel who are known for barbaric acts and killing for fun. So once in jail i got turned over to some soldiers who made me get naked (again) and make a lot of squats for them while they all kicked me. Next they opened a big gate where none of the policemen/ soldiers go in, they just throw you inside, and once inside, you belong to Los Zetas. So it was true after all, the prison is 100% run by the drug cartels. I was greeted by screams, insults and death treats. I was taken by one of their leaders to a building inside that was like a big warehouse with nothing inside but ‘prisoners’, everyone lying on the floor heads down. I was interrogated and beaten there again, they asked me who did i work for, where did i get the drugs, (cuz if you get the drugs from the enemie gang they kill you) and what did my family members do for work and stuff. (So they could extortion them for money in exchange of me not being tortured each week inside prison) They told me to lay on the floor looking down, not to move, turn around or speak at all. If i wanted to go to the bathroom i had to ask for permission.

During the first night, i ‘woke up’ (wasnt really asleep but just with closed eyes and going crazy) to one dude from the gang raping another guy right next to me who was also laying down in the floor. He told him if he made a sound he would cut his dick off. Next day, i woke up and managed to talk in low voice to a man next to me, he basically just told me if i wanted to survive here to lay low, shut up and do as they tell you. We spent the whole day there doing nothing just laying in the floor while the gang members smoked weed, watched TV ,drank beers and played poker. The dude who told me that little advice somehow turned around and they saw him and made him stand up and they beat him up badly then the leader ordered for the others to put a stick up his ass. They took him somewhere else and i never saw that dude again.

Second night i didnt move or breathed. Next day they told me to stand up and took me to another building and there they let me speak with a psychologist. He said ‘you shouldnt be here son, you ended up in the wrong place’. Also my public lawyer talked to me and he finally told me that my family and my friends knew, they were making everything to take me out and to remain calm. Next they let me see my dad, who was crying and told me they were asking him $60,000 pesos to get me out (about $5000 dollars) and that he already asked everyone and he could only collect $1200 dollars so far. All i could tell him was ‘please get me out of here, they’re gonna kill me.’ and then they interrumpted the visit and got me back to the warehouse place.

The next day they let me talk with my lawyer again and he told me that a witness had come forth saying he saw my friend saying he wanted to commit suicide and doing it. He told me with this witness it would be only a matter of hours with the judge until they let me out. All i could tell him was ‘please hurry’. Waited another 4-5 hours on the warehouse and they finally called my name again and told me ‘you’re going home.’ They scouted me to the exit gate but before they told me i had to go inside another room. I went in and there were 6 people from the gang waiting inside and started beating me up badly, kicking me in the head and all kinds of stuff. They said ‘this is so you know you should never come back here again. You’re only getting out alive because you are a kid and you dont’t belong here.’ (I was 24 at the time, but i look like 18)

After that they let me out and escorted me outside, where some of my friends where waiting for me, and i literally collapsed into their arms upon seeing them and passed out. After that i fought a long and hard battle versus mexican law, found out all my stuff was stolen by the police when they went to ‘investigate for evidence’ (imac 27′, 2 professional DSLR cameras, several lenses and photo/video accesories, cash, iphone, ipod, wii , controllers , a golden ring given by my girlfriend (the original one ring from lord of the rings, that was what hurt me the most to be losing) and several other belongings. They basically stole all my work stuff and i no longer had equipment to work with. (I’m a photographer / videographer)

Life changed after this, and now i’m slowly getting back on my feet and happy. This was the worst and last trip of my life. The battle with law kept going and some more stuff happened but not that major. I finished my probation period in which i had to go each week to sign and couldn’t leave my state. Finished it since like 4 months ago i’m now officially free.

EDIT: BTW i forgot to tell they also stole my deceased friend’s car which he parked otside of my apartment and he had the keys in his jean’s pocket and also his laptop and iphone.

Fuck me, is that not the maddest thing? It would be devastating enough coming to the realisation that your friend had committed suicide whilst tripping, let alone being beaten, tortured and accused of murder by a bunch of bent cops. I’m glad that it ended kind of OK for Dan – hopefully he can rebuild his life and I’m guessing that’s the last time he’s going near LSD.

Maybe he should take a visit to this bad trip psychedelic sanctuary.

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