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Las Vegas Woman Screws Her Dog In Her Front Garden

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Las Vegas resident Kara Vandereyk was arrested after being caught in a compromising position with her pit bull. Some neighbours saw the crazed naked wench partaking in the bestial act and called the police, but not before quickly knocking one out  I’m sure. Ok, I’m filling in the gaps here but they probably did right?

Now I’m not advocating sex with animals, but if I was going to do something that society considered weird (a slight understatement in this case) then I’d probably not do it in my front garden while my neighbours were outside talking about curtains or whatever neighbours do.

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But Vandereyk clearly wasn’t perturbed by the presence of an audience, or even by the police. When they turned up to investigate she looked up, casually said “hi”, and then carried on with what she was doing like she was just washing her car or something.

The police were not so casual though. They arrested the careless canine-caresser and charged her with ‘open and gross lewdness’, whatever the hell that means. I’m guessing it covers being fucked by your dog in public though.

Woman Has Sex With Her Dog In Las Vegas

The part I find most odd in all of this is that the dog didn’t take one look at her nightmare-inducing face and leg it faster than a double amputee with a dead girlfriend. I know dogs are not notoriously fussy creatures but come on. If woke up and saw that I’d rip my teeth from my mouth and use them to gouge my eyes out. Then I’d slam my head against the wall repeatedly to knock myself out in case I suddenly remembered exactly what she looked like.

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Anyway, the dog is now with Animal Control. If it does get adopted by a new family who aren’t completely screwed up, let’s hope it doesn’t assume it’ll be getting the same ‘special treatment’.

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