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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s Laptop Stolen And Nude Photos Leaked Onto Internet

Justin Bieber and his tour manager had their laptops and cameras stolen, turns out that Justin had some ‘personal footage’ on his devices, and this ‘personal footage’ may now be all over the internet.


Justin Bieber’s Laptop Stolen And Nude Photos Leaked Onto Internet

We always get a few disgruntled girls telling us off every time we post our Happy Friday photo of some hot chick in celebration of the day of Friday. We’re always told that we should post some photos of hunks and what not but in reality it’s not going to happen. Sick Chirpse is run by a couple of straight dudes who wouldn’t really gain any pleasure from posting pictures of topless men. To make up for all the weeks of constant half naked girls every Friday morning though, here are some supposed naked photos of Justin Bieber.

It was only last week we wrote about Justin Bieber throwing his guts up on stage (right before Lady Gaga tried to steal his spotlight and did exactly the same thing), and now he’s all over the web again (when is he not?), but this time it’s for something you ladies may be very interested in.

After a show in Washington, Justin Bieber and his tour manager were the victims of a robbery. They had a few items stolen including Justin’s camera and laptop. I’m not sure how this happened because you would have thought that security at a Justin Bieber show in Washington would be pretty tight. Anyway, it happened. Shit got robbed and this is what Justin tweeted straight after:

Justin Bieber Twitter

So, one would believe that there were things on Justin’s camera/laptop that he classed as ‘personal footage’. I’m pretty sure that anything you have on your camera/laptop that you class as ‘personal footage’ are shots you’ve taken while cracking one off on your webcam. Or a video you’ve made while ragging on your girlfriend doggystyle. Either or, there wer probably some bits and bobs on Justin’s devices that he really didn’t want anyone else seeing. Low and behold, several days after Justin’s shit was stolen, several nude photos of Justin Bieber emerge on the internet.

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Now these photos aren’t hard to find, but we’re not going to post them because Justin Bieber is only 12 and that would class as child pornography, gay child pornography at that, which is most definitely not something we want to be posting. If you really want to check them out then just hit up Google and I’m sure you’ll find them.

There’s currently a mass internet divide on whether these photos are real or not. Gawker have explained that they know for a fact that Justin Bieber is uncircumcised, the same as the dick in the photo. Although this isn’t really much help as there are a lot of guys out there with uncut dicks. The person in the photo also shares the really stupid tattoo that Justin Bieber has, leading one to believe that it is him. Others are saying that his belly button is completely different to the one in the photo, and that the nude photo was posted on the internet ages ago, and therefore is not Bieber.

We don’t know if it’s real or not to be honest, and we’re not really that bothered, but hopefully this has made it up to all the girls who moan when we post Happy Friday. Happy Thursday!

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