This Guy In His Boxer Shorts Managed To Stop A Woman Being Kidnapped

Boxer Shorts Guy


They say that heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but normally this means more they’re probably going to be wearing more than just a pair of boxer shorts.

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That’s all that 39 year old Andrew Paxton was wearing when he heard the early morning screams of an unnamed woman near his house in Shepparton, Surrey who was literally being kidnapped outside his front door by a guy called Steven Anderson. Paxton explains what happened:

I jumped out of the bedroom window on to the street and ran to where it was coming from.

It was like instinct. I didn’t even have enough time to open the front door. I didn’t even have a pair of socks or shoes on. What I heard was sheer panic.

You can hear a girl scream but when you hear a scream of panic like that – I never heard it before and I hope I never do again.

I saw a Transit van with the engine still running and then see a man on top of this lady, punching her repeatedly in the head.

Her face was heavily covered in blood so I dragged him off her and punched him a few times to the head.

The guy stumbled off and tried to make his way to the van. I was trying to console the woman and at the same time restrain him.

She was hysterical, she was just screaming, absolutely petrified.

I managed to get the car keys of the van to stop him using it to get away.

At that point he was in the cab of the van and I was still trying to put a couple of fists into him to disable him.

I gave him one more in the face and that’s when he lost a tooth which was nice.

He managed to lean over trying to reach for something and at that point I stepped back for my own safety.

Geez. What an absolute hero. You gotta have a lot of balls to come to somebody’s aid like that.

Anderson was arrested a couple of days alter and is now serving nine years in prison thanks to Andrew’s testimony. He also picked up an award for bravery thanks to his actions, which I’m pretty sure we can all agree that he 100% deserved. I hope I can act like that if I’m ever confronted with a similar situation – although hopefully I’ll be wearing more clothes.

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