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Former Groupies Share Their Stories On Reddit

Obviously there were about 6000 comments on this thread within less than 24 hours. A lot of them obviously deal with sex, but a lot of them are surprisingly cool stories too.


Former Groupies Share Their Stories On Reddit

Over on Reddit (why even bother saying that, you get all our content from Reddit anyway) some guy asked the question of if anyone had any good groupie stories. Obviously a couple of hours later the thread had over 6000 replies.

Here are some of the best. It’s also worth noting that the guy who started the thread said he didn’t need the names of who was involved but literally every single one of these stories mentions the characters involved by name. Some of these are gross and some of them are surprisingly awesome.

‘I managed a venue for quite a long time. In 2004 or 2005, we booked Ryan Dunn and Don Vito’s Rock Tour (for some reason). After the show it turned into a huge coke party. I was sitting on a sectional couch in the large green room while two moronic girls were giving Don Vito, skin tags and all, head for quite a while about three feet away from me. This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen.’

‘A girl I used to have an on again, off again fling with had sex with Darius Rucker (hootie from hootie and the blowfish). She said he was a fantastic lay, a perfect gentleman, and even sang to her in the morning as he made her breakfast. On the way out he thanked her for being a good host and said she had a lovely house.’

‘Not me, I’m lucky to ever even get with non-celebrities, but a pretty good friend of mine had sex with Jennifer Coolidge (Stifler’s mom) this year. He’s only 27 and she’s 52 so the ‘prowling cougar’ character she’s famous for may be kinda accurate. He gets embarrassed if you bring it up, but I’m like, dude, you banged the quintessential MILF, there’s an entire genre of porn named after the term that person popularized, own up to it with pride!’

‘Followed my favorite band on MySpace, was absolutely obsessed. Constantly watched their videos on demanded, lurked the shit out of them at concerts. Started talking to the bassist on MySpace one day, he got me into their show and we spent all night in a cemetery talking. We made out, but he had a girlfriend so I stopped talking to him. A few months later he called me, told me he broke up with her because he couldn’t stop thinking about me. I moved from Utah to New York to be with him and 6 years later we were married. I will never tell him how obsessed with his band I was, never.’

‘this chick at my school hooked up with based god when he preformed at our 4/20 spring jam festival thing and when she woke up in his hotel room he was gone, there was like 23 dollars and a little bag of really shitty weed by the bed. hilarious.’

‘At the club I work at several years ago (maybe five) kid rock came in one night after playing downtown. Well he hit it off with one dancer named Destiny. They went back to his tour bus, where they got fucked up and did they deed. She supposedly hung out with him for a week. And apparently he likes rough anal. So there’s that.

Edit-lol I love the comments and im pretty sure it was giving.’

David Draiman

‘I used to look and dress like the lead singer of disturbed. Seriously i could have been his double. Lip piercings and all. I went to one of their shows and waited outside afterwords for the band to come through. He paused and took a double take at me, shook my hand and said he spotted me in the crowd. He was probably lying but in a few of my pictures from that night it did look like he was looking right at me.

ANYWAY. After they went off to their bus a smoking hot groupie came up and talked to me for a while and ended up taking me back to her place for sex. Not the same but one of my top three moments in life.’

‘So I’ll use my throwaway. My mom used to be a groupie back in the 70’s for Peter Frampton. She never explicitly said this, but, for all the stories of how she ‘never paid for concerts’ or ‘hung out backstage with rockstars’ and ‘took the bus down with the band to Swingo’s from Detroit,’ I kind of got the gist of it. She always really seems to get a kick out of watching Almost Famous. It kind of seemed like a summertime thing. In Detroit in the 70’s, nearly every big band in the US would tour through there. It seems like all the girls were in high school and all the guys were in there mid twenties. Lots of drugs, no way to contact the outside world, somebody else was paying for everything, and you were just along for the ride.’

‘My friend’s cousin dated Derek Jeter for a while and had keys to his apartment. According to the story she entered one day to find him butt ass naked on his couch watching highlights of himself and bumping his chest with his fist saying “YEAH JEETS, YEAH JEETS”.’

‘I work with a woman who told me lots of stories about how she used to actively try to sleep with touring heavy metal bands back in the ’80s. She once got banged in a wardrobe by a guy called Johnny Rod from the band WASP. Apparently he had a small cock and lasted about 2 minutes. She said that the vast majority of guys she fucked were disappointing, but she loved being able to talk about it afterwards. She’s filth, I love her.’

‘my mom tells me this story of when she was 18 or 19 she went to a party at the beasties boys place in brooklyn. they had piles of coke pills and weed on the table. she said she didnt stay long. i was almost a beastie baby.’

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