Fashion blogs really rub me the wrong way, they have become a fashion trend in themselves and this needs to stop.



It has come to my attention recently that starting your own fashion blog has become something of a fashion trend in itself. This would all be fine and well if even half of the people writing these so called ‘fashion’ blogs had any sense of style whatsoever but sadly, they don’t. Posting pictures of yourself online wearing your latest (ill fitting and frankly tacky) purchase from Primark teamed with your Ugg boots isn’t going to inspire me to rush out and implicate myself in the death-by-starvation of a bunch of six year olds from Bangladesh.

The wonderful thing about the internet (apart from it’s infinite creeping possibilities… Facebook) is that is gives people a platform upon which to express themselves and vent their creative angst, however I can’t help but get wound up when I click on yet another link to a ‘fashion’ blog to find myself being confronted by the same shit I see on my (infrequent) journey to university. I’m by no means saying that fashion and style require you to go out and drop two hundred quid on the latest limited edition Air Force Ones (for the boys) or five hundred quid on Acne’s latest creation (for the girls) but it is a bit of a prerequisite that if you’re going to put yourself out there as something of a ‘style’ icon and create something truly aspirational, you need to be going a bit further than your local shopping centre.

I’ve been reading fashion blogs for years and even though ninety nine percent of the time I’m never going to try and re-create an exact look I’ve seen, it might encourage me to push my own style boundaries next time I’m out shopping.

Fashion Blog

Fashion Blog Fail

Fashion Blog Winners

The best fashion blogs are the ones that capture street fashion, and nobody does it like Scott Shuman. With a career trajectory spanning fifteen years in the fashion industry, Scott left his post as director of menswear at his own sales agency to take to the streets to photograph people that truly inspired him, ranging from uber stylish women arriving at New York Fashion Week to tramps on the street (actually no word of a lie… full on tramps). What you get is a refreshingly original take on what a fashion blog is really all about, and even for those who claim to have no interest in fashion whatsoever, (I’ll save that rant for another post…) it’s impossible to deny that the photographs he takes are pretty fvcking awesome. From Milan to NYC, and from hobo to haute couture, Scott Schuman really goes above and beyond to provide his readers with some truly inspirational pictures.

Expect to see…

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Don’t expect to see…

Drop Tokyo is another sick street fashion blog and although pretty much everything on there is fully ridiculous (can’t really see this guys look being flexed when you’re skanking out to Jayou on a Saturday night in Sound Control) it’s still makes for some pretty interesting viewing, and I would recommend anyone with an interest in fashion, photography, or both to go have a look.

Fashion Blog Win

Fashion Blog Win

To conclude, despite what you might think of me, (and if I’m being honest I don’t really give a shit…) I’m not a complete fashionnazi… okay maybe a little bit. I’m all for the idea that people can wear whatever they want to wear if it makes them feel good about themselves but what I really cannot be fucked with is when they jump on the latest fashion bandwagon only to jack-knife the wagon at ninety miles an hour in the middle lane of the motorway fvcking everybody else’s shit up. If you think you’re a bit of a stylish bitch in your shiny new Lipsy dress and standard Louboutin-esque nude heels, then go shimmy on down to Tiger Tiger on a Saturday night where I’m sure your look will be met with blow dried nods of approval. Please whatever you do, don’t take forty eight pictures of it, stick it on your ‘fashion’ blog and tell me how inspired you were by Lanvin and Emma Watson when you ‘created the look’  -Alber and Emma would be spewing into their Birkin’s if they knew you’d referenced them.

What we really want to see is something a bit different that’s going to challenge our perceptions of fashionand what it is to be stylish… or at the very least show us a sick picture of something we’ve never seen before. Here’s a couple more links to some of the blogs that I genuinely think are worth a look:

Fashion ToastStyle BubbleFace HunterStyle Rookie

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