A Drunk Man Somehow Got An Eel Stuck Up His Anus

Eel Up Anus

Talk about a slippery situation.

There are probably countless times that we’ve all got completely wasted and ended up doing something that we deeply regret that has landed us in a sticky situation or a lot of trouble, but I’m pretty sure not that many of you have done something as comparable as the dude in this story.

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An unnamed drunk man in his 40s stumbled into the Nanchang University hospital in Eastern China over the weekend with a major problem – an eel was stuck up his butt. Talk about a slippery situation.

Fortunately for him, the surgeons present were able to remove it for him and sort him all out, which you probably saw in the video above. The guy refused to tell them how it becomes lodged in his anus, but the surgeons believe that it was inserted there voluntarily. Kinky.

It seems there’s a real trend for getting weird stuff stuck up your ass these days. Check out this massive list of everything that was found up people’s asses and had to be forcibly removed by surgeons in America last year. Some really eye opening stuff on there.

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