Doctor Punches Patient In The Chest After Heart Bypass Operation (Video)

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You can always count on the Russians for a good old-fashioned, fucked up viral video.

Top Russian anaesthesiologist Dr. Andrey Votyakov told investigators that he was “extremely tired” after a 36-hour shift and grew irritated when a patient started verbally abusing him.

The doc was at the absolute end of his tether and had to get physical. So what did he do? Did he give him a quick flick on the ear? A nipple twister? A dead leg?

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No, he gave him a heart punch. A punch to the heart for the dude who just had a heart bypass operation.

The man later died but they don’t believe his death was linked to the punch. Still, the doc is in deep shit and rightly so. The guy might have been talking shit but who knows what drugs and anaesthetics he’d been under, he probably didn’t know what he was saying. Also, you’re a top doctor so spare us the tears over your long hours, that’s why they’re paying you the big bucks. We’d all work 36 hour shifts if we were making 400k a year.

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