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The Ultimate Guide To The Deep Web

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There’s a part of the internet known as the deep web. The deep web is called the deep web because of its massive size, it’s literally ‘deep’. According to The Guardian, you can only access 0.03% of the internet via search engines like Google and the rest is what makes up the deep web. The deep web is truly anonymous – you can’t even get on it unless you yourself are anonymous.


You can’t just access the deep web from a normal web browser – like Firefox for example – you can only access the deep web through a deep web browser. The most famous of these deep web browsers is called Tor and this is the one we recommend you get if you’re looking to get onto the deep web. Downloads of Tor soared in August by almost 100% as the general population became more and more concerned about their privacy amid revelations about US and UK intelligence agencies monitoring web traffic. In short, more and more people are turning to the deep web to get their internet fix and protect their information.

This is because when you’re using Tor – or any other deep web browser – you are truly anonymous and your location cannot be picked up and neither can your browsing habits. Essentially nothing you do in the deep web can be monitored and as such the deep web is becoming a more attractive option for all internet users – those who know about it at least.

If you want to jump into the deep web then you’re going to need a deep web browser.

Deep Web Browser

Once you’re running your deep web browser you simply type in a deep web address like you would in a normal browser, hit enter and you’ll be transported to the site. All sites on the deep web are .onion domains, which basically means both the provider and user are anonymous and difficult to trace. Head here for a list of .onion website addresses that are part of the deep web and accessible via Tor.



With the enforced anonymity of the deep web, you would think it was full of illegal stuff and you would be totally correct in that assumption. The deep web is well known for containing some really messed up stuff (snuff/child porn etc as you might expect but we’re going to try and avoid that for the most part), but if you successfully steer clear of all of that then you’ll find some really interesting stuff on the deep web that you would never find on the public world wide web.

We’ll start with what is definitely the most useful feature of the deep web.



Here it is, the golden nugget. Forget calling your dealer and having to wait in the cold for him to meet you at a dodgy bus stop on a dark, cold, wintery night just to be given a crappy 1.5 gram eighth of bush weed, just get on the deep web instead. Now you can do all your marijuana ordering from the comfort of your own sofa.

You buy your marijuana in bulk from this deep web site, with the prices varying upon the strain and the amount of you buy. There are a couple of ways you can have your ganja delivered: either standardly through DHL (after being vacuum packed four times) or via drop shipping. This is when your stash is dropped somewhere in ‘nature’ and hidden. You are then sent the GPS location and a description of where the ganja is so you can pick it up completely anonymously. Kinda like the deep web itself.

Mail order marijuana (and most things on the deep web) is paid for with bitcoins. I don’t even want to get into how bitcoins work because I don’t understand it at all, so just click on that link if you want the technical idea behind it but it’s basically a peer to peer electronic cash system similar to Paypal – but critically for deep web users it’s also completely untraceable.

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Deep Web Browser


Silk Road

Other online drug markets also exist on the deep web where you can pick up pretty much any kind of drug or chemical. The most famous of these is known as Silk Road and you can literally pick up ANYTHING you want from this site. ANYTHING. You name it, somebody has got it on here and you’ll pay with your bitcoins and it’ll arrive in an untraceable package a few days later. It really is that easy. Apparently there’s a 97% success rate on this.

Silk Road is set up kind of like eBay or Amazon. There are buyers and sellers and each buyer and seller has their own feedback rating so when you’re looking to pick up some LSD or salvia or whatever drug takes your fancy that day, then you’ll have a look through the site, find a seller with good feedback for that particular chemical high and then pay them with a bitcoin and sit back and wait for it to turn up. It’s that easy.

The feedback system is integral to its success as it ensures that users of the site don’t mistake it for a scam site as it would be VERY easy to just take someone’s money and never send them anything, especially as you’re using bitcoins on the deep web so there would be no way to track anyone down who screwed you over. Although scammers do inevitably exist, Silk Road seems to have combatted this by implementing this system and has completely nailed the idea of buying drugs online. It’s been open since February 2011 and shows no signs of closing down or being shut down by the cops/government anytime soon.

EDIT: It’s now September 2013 and Silk Road has been shut down by the feds – check out our report on the Silk Road shut down.

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